Choosing a band name for your group is not as easy of a task as many people would think. The band name has to be memorable, meaningful, and look good while placed on concert and festival posters. Even if you do happen to find the perfect band name, many bands will find that the social media profiles are not available with. This will often draw more headaches than necessary to try and nail down that perfect band.

Best Band Name Generator WebsitesBest Band Name Generator Websites

1. Name Generator
The name generator website may be a bit cheesy for a lot of artists, but it may just inspire some band names for you to use in the future. On the NameGenerator website, it asks for two adjectives, the lead member’s first name, a place that has special significance to your band, a singular noun, a plural noun, a verb ending in “ing”, a day, month or season, an animal, a group of people, a color, a number greater than one, and a part of the body. Once you have filled out all of these different options, the name generator website will spit out a band name such as The Yummy Painter’s Club, Edie Wonder, Edieatron, and the Working Twins. Give it a try for yourself and see what kind of band names you get from this exercise.

The BandNameMaker website is fairly easy to use. When filling out the generator online, you can give it a suggested word or you can ask for it to generate band names. We didn’t choose a word and we were given potential band names such as Skeptical Frog, Cameo Argument, and Fluorescent Assasin.

3. Wordlab
The Wordlab Band Name Generator asks you to give a word and in return will return with a suggested band name. All you have to do is keep clicking on “Get Name!” and you will be presented with another band name to choose from. We received potential band names such as Ball Lightning, Speed Seed, and Mundane Jane.

4. Indie Sound
Indie Sound boasts its band name generator based on the fact that has 10 million word combinations on its website. We ran the band name generator and were presented with band names such as Rainfall Drew, Wasp Spy, and Overview Snowy.

5. Name Generator Fun
The final band name generator website is In their band name generator, they ask what style of band name you want and will make band names accordingly. We were presented with band names such as Iced Nightmares, Ruined Head, Electric Fire, Ruined Beast, and Black Skull.

We hope we made your search for a band name just a little bit better with our recommendations.