Boiled potatoes are your gate to a world of infinite recipes. Mashed potatoes, potato salad, fried potatoes, and many other dishes are made possible with boiled potatoes. Knowing How Long to Boil Potatoes is a skill that you need to master since you’ll be using it a lot. Boiled potatoes are an indispensable part of many meals.

Things to Consider Before Boiling Your Potatoes

There are several factors that affect the boiling time of potatoes, here’s a quick look at them.

Boiling Method

Potatoes can be boiled the traditional way, by putting them on the stovetop and immersing them in a pot filled with water. You can also boil them using a microwave. In both cases, you will cover the potatoes in water. If you’re in a hurry you can opt for the microwave, since it’s the faster method.

The Size of the Potato

Potatoes come in different types and shapes. The bigger potatoes need more time to boil.

The State of the Potato

When shopping for potatoes it’s important that you look for hard ones. This means that they are not old yet. Since boiling time varies according to the potato size, it’s important to try and pick potatoes that are similar in size.

How Long to Boil PotatoesHow Long to Boil Potatoes?

Now that you have bought the best potatoes at the store, it’s time to prepare them for cooking. To remove any dirt, first, scrub them properly. You can even peel them if you want. Add enough water to the pot, and a pinch of salt, before you put in the potatoes. The size of the potatoes is the most important thing to consider when boiling them. As you might’ve thought, the bigger the potato, the more boiling time it needs. As you know, the potatoes come in all different sizes. For potatoes that measure around 1-2 inches, you need around 13 minutes to boil.

Medium-sized potatoes, that go as big as 3 inches, may require around 20 minutes to boil.

For larger potatoes, which fall between 4 and 6 inches, you can let them simmer on the stove for up to half an hour.

How to Know When the Potatoes Are Ready?

Before you take the potatoes off the stove, you should first check if they are properly boiled and ready for the next step in your recipe. Insert a fork in the potato to see if it became tender.

How to Make the Boiling Process Faster?

There are certain tips that you can use to expedite the boiling process. First, you can cut the potatoes into small cubes. You can also save more cooking time by preheating the water you will put the potatoes in.

Finally, as we mentioned before, you can shift from the traditional method of cooking and opt for the microwave. However, this requires that you use a microwave-safe pot.

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There are millions of recipes for boiled potatoes, they are widely-loved and relatively cheaper than many other foods. They have the magical ability to turn into different dishes as you wish them to.

This is all made possible when you properly boil them, and it’s not a big deal. Use the information that we provided above to master this simple yet essential cooking skill!