Are you getting ready to purchase a new keyboard or piano, but are wondering just how many keys are on a full-size piano?

Should you buy a piano with 73 keys or a full-size piano?

In this guide, you’ll learn about how many keys are on a piano, the importance of all of the keys and why some pianos have more or fewer keys.

How Many Keys On A PianoHow Many Keys On A Piano?

Before the piano was invented, musicians would play on an instrument called the harpsichord. The harpsichord was like a piano but had only 60 keys. When Bartolomeo Cristofori grew tired of the harpsichord, he decided to create a new keyboard instrument with a hammer mechanism. When the piano was first invented it only had 49 keys but was followed with a model with 60 keys. Over the years, piano players wanted to make a wider range of sounds, so in the late 1880s, the seven-octave 88-key piano was created by Steinway. The standard for today’s modern full-sized pianos has 88 keys.

How Many Black Keys Are On A Piano?

A modern, full-size piano will have 36 black keys on a piano. Every octave on a piano has five black keys.

How Many White Keys Are On A Piano?

A modern 88 key piano will have 52 white keys. On a full-size piano, there are seven white keys within every octave of the piano.

Do All Modern Day Pianos Have 88 Keys?

There are exceptions to every case scenario. While most pianos have 88 keys, there are pianos out there that do have 102 keys, 92 keys, and a number of other varieties.