How To Be A Music Manager


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  2. How to find a musician or band to manage?
  3. How To Be a Music Manager
  4. What skills do you need to be a music manager?


{"blocks":[{"key":"574je","text":"So you are looking at how to be a music manager? Well, lucky for you, there is no college degree you need, no specific skill set, but just some life skills and the ability to never let “no” get in your way of managing your artists.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}],"entityMap":{}}

How to find a musician or band to manage?

{"blocks":[{"key":"655m2","text":"Whether you already have a musician or band in mind to manage or you are just exploring the possibility of managing artists, we will explain how to find a musician to manage. While there is no one size fits all model with finding musicians to manage, we recommend that you build rapport with them and really love their music. To be a good artist manager, you need to wholeheartedly believe in your artist. If you do not believe in them and think that they are the best artist on the up-and-coming list, you have unfortunately not found the artists to manage yet.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":562,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":562,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":562,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":562,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"dik0c","text":"While it may sound cool to be an artist manager, management is not a sexy business. As an artist manager, you are going to be running low of funds, sleep very little, and work long hours. That being said, even on a really bad day, you realize that you are hanging out with friends and that there is hope in the horizon.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":319,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":319,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":319,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":319,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"fhvir","text":"Aside from finding artists that you really enjoy spending time with, look for artists that are doing something new and aren’t doing what 99% of the pop world is already doing.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":175,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":175,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":175,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":175,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}],"entityMap":{}}

How To Be a Music Manager

{"blocks":[{"key":"4kdvq","text":"The number one rule to be a music manager is that you truly have to be good with people. Music management is a relationship game between not only you and the artist but is also a relationship with the different record labels, booking managers, fans, and other people in the music industry.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":289,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":289,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":289,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":289,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"93poc","text":"The second law of being a music manager is that you are never really “off the clock.” If your artists are working harder than you, they have most likely made the wrong choice on finding a manager. If you believe that you are entitled to working only 9 to 5, get to enjoy Netflix at night, and only work on weekdays, you are looking at the wrong career move.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":357,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":357,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":357,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":357,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}],"entityMap":{}}

What skills do you need to be a music manager?

{"blocks":[{"key":"37s9g","text":"In addition to needing people and relationship skills, you’ll also want to quickly learn the music industry. We recommend reading the book by Donald S. Passman titled All You Need To Know About the Music Business. This will give you a headstart of learning about contracts, lingo, and other important aspects of the industry you are going into.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":344,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":344,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":344,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":344,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"enmk6","text":"Artist managers will need to quickly learn about being a psychologist (only slightly kidding), a social media manager, A&R, accountant, friend, boss, creative director, publicist, and truth deliver.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":198,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":198,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":198,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":198,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"232f1","text":"While you may not know all of the answers to a question, an artist manager needs to know where to find the answers.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":115,"style":"color-rgb(0,0,0)"},{"offset":0,"length":115,"style":"bgcolor-transparent"},{"offset":0,"length":115,"style":"fontsize-11pt"},{"offset":0,"length":115,"style":"fontfamily-Arial"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}],"entityMap":{}}