When you cite a source, you’re giving credit to the original study, idea, or experiment you’re basing your work on. As such, one of the most important parts of the research process is knowing how to cite an article. Doing so will make your own article look more credible, thus allowing readers to trust what they’re presenting. 

How to Cite an ArticleA Guide on How to Cite an Article in Different Platforms

Citing an article differs from one platform to another. Here are some basic citation formulas you can use to credit an article taken from an external site:

Citing an Article from a Web Magazine 

When citing a source in a web magazine, you’ll need to follow the structure below.  

  • Author name(s)
  • Article name in quotation marks
  • Web magazine title in italics
  • Name of the publisher if known; n.p (no publisher) if not known
  • Date of publication

Here’s an example: Smith, John. “Top 10 Best Aquarium Chillers.” Fish Lovers Unite: Taking Care of Your Fish. n.p., 12 Sep 2019. 

Citing an Article from an Online Scholarly Journal

For online scholarly journals, you’ll need to follow this structure:

  • Author name(s)
  • Article name in quotation marks
  • Publication title in italics
  • Volume and issue numbers
  • Publication year 

For example: Lee, Euntae. “An Introduction to Atomic Habits and Everything in Between.” Understand the World Using Its Tiniest Particles. Vol 1.3, 173-96. 17 Jan 1996.

Citing an Online Newspaper Article 

You can cite an online newspaper article as follows: 

  • Author name(s)
  • Publication date in parenthesis
  • Title of the Newspaper Article 
  • Publisher’s name in italics

For example: Ashby, Della. (2005, May 13). Dangers of Perfluorooctanoic Acid. New York Times. 

In-Text Citations From an Article 

Here’s how you should quote and add an in-text citation from an article: 

  • Author name(s)
  • Year of publication 
  • Quote by the author
  • Page number for the reference (preceded by “p.”)

For example: According to Daniele, S.G. (17 April 2019), “The brains of humans and other mammals are highly vulnerable to interruptions in blood flow and decreases in oxygen levels.” (p. 568). S.G. (17 April 2019) found that “Many mammalian species have large, energy-demanding brains that are highly susceptible to anoxia and cessation of blood flow.”

Citing an Article in APA Format 

In an APA paper format, you’ll need to follow this structure: 

  • Author name 
  • Publication year in parenthesis
  • Article title 
  • Periodical title in italics, volume, page(s) 

For example: Alvin, B. Secrets of Apollo 11. Life Beyond Space, Volume 13, 143-160. 

Citing a Journal Article in MLA Format 

For MLA papers, you’ll need to write what follows: 

  • Author name(s). 
  • Article title in quotation marks
  • Journal name
  • Volume number, issue, date, pp. page range
  • DOI if available, URL if not

For example: Watson, Kyde. “A Phenomenology of Music.” Music Theory, vol 10, Oct. 2019, pp 130-190. www.musictheory.com/phenomenologyofmusic.


There are multiple ways on how to cite an article. The important thing is to follow the structure based on the format of your paper and the article’s source. 

Once you’ve memorized the structure, you’ll be able to cite any articles that may need for your work.