Using a curling iron, you can successfully transform your hair and create a new look. You can learn how to curl your hair with a curling iron without causing much damage. Keep on reading and follow these steps to transform your hair.

What You Need Before Using the Curling Iron

Whether you want to create loose or tight curls, you can achieve the desired look using a curling iron. Here are the tools you need to create the perfect curls.

  • A curling iron.
  • A large comb.
  • A protective heat spray or serum to protect your hair from the heat damage.
  • Pins to section your hair.

How to Curl Your Hair With a Curling IronHow to Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron

This is the easiest way to create curls using the curling iron. 

  • Apply the protection spray to your hair to protect it from heat damage.
  • Use a wide comb to distribute the product to make sure that it has coated all sections of your hair. 
  • Divide the hair into 2-inch sections. 
  • Choose the direction where you want to curl the hair, towards or away from the face. 
  • Wrap the hair around the curling iron barrel without twisting it.
  • Adjust your hair to avoid twisting it to keep the curls tight.
  • For a more natural look, avoid curling the ends of your hair.
  • Use your fingers to separate the curls without combing or brushing too much through them. 

If you want tighter curls, divide your hair into smaller sections. One-inch sections will give you tight curls. You can experiment with different sizes until you reach the desired curls.

How to Create Loose Waves Using a Curling Iron

Achieving the loose beach waves look is also possible using the curling iron. 

  • Apply the protectant on your hair and use a comb to distribute the product evenly.
  • Divide your hair into equal sections. 
  • Use your thumb and index finger to raise your section at a 90 degrees angle.
  • Hold the curling iron in front of the hair section, and keep the barrel behind the section to do a flat wrap.
  • Hold the section and roll the curling iron. 
  • Repeat the process with the next section. 
  • After you’re done, use your fingers or a wide comb to separate the curls. 

How to Create Spiral Curls Using a Curling Iron

These spiral curls will be tight and can be easily created using a curling iron.

  • Apply a protective spray to protect your hair from heat and ensure that you’ve combed hair properly.
  • Divide the hair into smaller sections that measure 1 inch or smaller. 
  • Twist the section or braid it.
  • Wrap the section around the curling iron. You can wrap the hair towards or away from the face, depending on the way you want your curls to look at the end.
  • Let the hair heat up to hold the curls.
  • Remove the curling iron and let the hair cool off so it can hold the look. 
  • If you want to maintain this look, you can apply a little bit of spray to ensure that the curls stay intact.

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What are the Most Curling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

The following common curling techniques can be easily avoided. They will help you achieve the desired look and protect your hair from damage because you won’t have to repeat the curling process to achieve the curls you’ve always wanted.

  • Before you start using your curling iron, you should completely dry your hair using a blow-dryer. A curling iron will damage your hair if you’re using it on wet or damp hair. You can apply a protectant and a holding spray before using the curling iron to hold the curls. 
  • Always pick the right size curling iron. Some people assume that selecting a larger curling iron will help you create looser curls. 

For short or medium hair, you can choose 1-inch curling irons. For longer hair, you can select 2-inch curling irons. If your curls are too tight, you can always brush or comb through them to make them loose. Curling wands will help you achieve the relaxed look of loose beach waves. 

  • Avoid adding oils before doing your curls. Oil can weigh your hair down and can make your curls look too flat.
  • Make sure that the hair spray you’re using isn’t too heavy, as it can weigh your hair down. You can add a little bit of hairspray before or after curling it to keep the curls intact. 
  • Choosing a higher setting won’t help you curl your hair faster. Use a lower setting if your hair is fine, processed, or bleached to avoid permanent damage. If you have healthy, heavy, or coarse hair, you can pick a higher setting.
  • You need to adjust your wrapping technique to achieve the curls you want. You can leave the ends loose to achieve messy beach waves, or wrap them tight around the clip to make tighter curls. 
  • Regardless of the texture of your hair, you shouldn’t hold the curling iron for too long. You should hold the hair for about 10 seconds to avoid heat damage. 
  • You must think about how you want your hair to look, so you can hold the curling iron properly. You can add more volume to your hair by heating the roots and holding the curling iron in a perpendicular direction. If you want your hair to have less volume, you should hold it down.
  • Some people ignore using a heat protection spray. It creates a barrier that covers the hair strand and protects the hydrogen bonds from damage, retaining the moisture inside the hair. At the same time, you shouldn’t use too much of this product, as it can weigh your hair down.

Wrap Up

Using a curling iron, you can change the look of your hair every day. The way you hold the iron, wrap the curls, and comb them after you’re done will affect your hair’s final look. Using the same curling iron, you can achieve multiple looks, depending on your mood. Make sure that you pick a suitable iron and use it the right way to avoid heat damage.