A good cartoonist can take notice of the main features and details of a character or shape and make them more unique. Cartoons are amazing and popular among children and adults. Cartoon drawing is an interesting fun activity, and learning how to draw cartoons will allow you to explore that creative world. 

In this article, we’ll list some of the best cartoon drawing tips to help you master this art. If you have the inspiration and determination, mastering cartoons drawing won’t be as difficult as you think it is. 

How to Draw Cartoons: Tips for Beginners

Get Inspiration

Looking at other famous cartoonists’ work doesn’t mean that you’re cheating or copying their work. You can still create your own art while getting inspired by famous and creative cartoonists.

There are lots of famous cartoonists that you can follow on social media to check their work. You’ll be able to see the difference in their drawing styles and how they approach different characters and objects. As a matter of fact, you can copy some of their work for practice purposes and later mix the work of various artists to create your own style. 

Sketching Should Help YouSketching Should Help You

Don’t be shy when you’re trying to draw a shape or character for the first time. Sketching and using a draft is acceptable because you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes. The shape you have created doesn’t have to be clean or perfect, as you can always go back and erase to make your drawing better. 

You can start sketching using an old pencil and white paper, or you can start using your brushes. There are lots of drawing software programs that you can use with a stylus to create cartoons on a laptop or a smart device. There will be multiple drawing tools to use when you’re drawing digitally, and switching between them will significantly affect how your cartoons look. 

Start with the Basic Shapes

As a beginner, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with all the complicated shapes that make up more refined cartoons. All cartoons are made of the most basic shapes like a circle or a square, and it’s helpful to start with simple drawings before advancing to the more complicated ones. 

A face is made of a circle while adding other lines and shapes will create the details of the face. A car is made of a rectangle with extended rectangles to make the two ends. For the wheels, you need to make two circles for a side view. Adding more details will make your drawing more realistic. 

Use Lines For Guidance

Lines can help you add emotions to the characters you’re drawing. You can use them to make your characters look cute, happy, or angry by making the guidelines higher or lower. 

For example, to draw a character’s face, you should make a circle for the face and then draw a horizontal and vertical line to intersect, either in the top half or top button of the face, depending on how you want the character to look like. 

For the eyes, draw over-sized oval shapes that interact with the horizontal sign. The oval shapes can point inward or outward, depending on how you want your character to look. 

Draw a nose in the middle with the vertical line as a guide. Extend another semicircle from the bottom of the circle to draw the rest of the face. Add a small line as a mouth or a smirk, and draw the ears and the hair. 

Change the Angles

All the details that make up the face can be viewed from different angles to make the character face a different direction. The mouth, nose, eyes, and ears shouldn’t face front if you want to make your character look like he or she is looking elsewhere. 

You can use your phone camera to take photos and see how your eyes will be positioned when you’re looking in a particular direction. Remember that these angles can also be used to show the emotions of the characters. 

Use Reference Material

Drawing some objects can be extremely challenging, and using reference material will help you draw these objects successfully. You can use various pictures of a particular object and make sure that they tackle it from different points of view, as this will help you create it just the way it should be.

If the reference material has been created by another artist, you can also learn how different people use their talent to draw this object. This is not cheating, because you’ll still add your taste to the cartoons you draw. At the same time, it’s quite tricky, if not impossible, to draw something that you haven’t actually seen before. 

Exaggerate Your Drawings

The main difference between cartoons and realistic drawings is exaggeration. You can make the head of your character bigger to show that they’re smart or make the mouth larger to show that they’re screaming out loud. 

Don’t be scared to experiment with odd details that make your drawing more special. Keep on adding more of these special details to create your signature drawing style. 

Clean Up Your Drawing

The final version of your cartoon drawing should be clean, although your sketches can be messy and disorganized. Sketches don’t have to be perfect, but once you’re done with your drawing, use the eraser to delete all that extra lines and details that don’t seem necessary. 

Think Out of the Box

When you’re drawing cartoons, the sky should be the limit. Don’t stick to what you know, and allow yourself to experiment with different ethnicities, dimensions, timelines, and even unrealistic pasts. Combine human with alien features and see what your new characters will look like. 

Just start scribbling and see which shapes, animals, and people will come up. Add details to the background and create the environment for your cartoons. They don’t have to be related to make sense because you can add more objects to connect all the pieces together. 

Wrap Up

If you’re in the mood for drawing cartoons, just start. Use a pencil and paper, or a stylus on your tablet, iPad or laptop and start experimenting with the lines. If you don’t feel that you’re properly inspired, take a look at the cartoons that you love so much, and you’ll be able to find something that triggers you.

For a beginner artist, things can be a little bit challenging. Remember that practice and determination will eventually pay off.