Having an account on Instagram allows you to check on the news of your friends and family. But it can also be a way to increase your income and launch your online career. We will discuss several tricks in this article so you can learn how to make money on Instagram. 

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with currently 1 billion users across the globe. In the past few years, it evolved from being a platform to share videos and photos to a real business model that influencers and businesses around the world use to increase their income. Keep on reading to learn the best tricks that will help you make money through this app. 

How to Make Money on InstagramHow to Make Money on Instagram

Sell Your Products

If you already have a store and sell physical products like clothes, jewelry, or home-made candles, you can use your Instagram account to promote your business. Creating engaging posts that encourage people to visit the link in your Bio will create sales as long as you pay attention to the content you share. 

Pictures and videos should be appealing and original, and you should refer readers to the link at the end of each post. Take good photos using a professional camera or a good smartphone and use good photo editing programs to make your shots more appealing. If you’re not sure about your photography skills, hire a professional photographer to make your business more successful. 

Promote your Online Business

If you have a YouTube channel or work as a freelancer, you can use your Instagram account for business purposes. The Bio section should have a link to your YouTube channel, or you can refer to it at the end of every post. 

If you post videos on IGTV, you can refer people to the extended version of your work on the YouTube channel. This works whether you have a food blog, do Tarot readings, promote fitness content, or share gaming strategies.

As a freelancer, Instagram can help you promote your business as you post samples of your work, or simply state you’re available for gigs. Filmmakers, photographers, ghostwriters, and interior decorators can reach their clients and show them that they’re available for work. 

Create Visual Content for Sale

People upload millions of photos and videos to Instagram every day, and you can also upload your visual content and sell it for money. User-generated content is highly desirable and memorable, so brands would be interested in buying photos and videos taken by real people and the company’s employees.

For example, hotels, cafes, and restaurants would be glad to pay for your videos and photos as you share your experience. By crediting you when they post your photo or video, people know that this content was created by someone who actually tried the products or services, so they will believe it’s authentic. 

Become an Influencer

Once you’ve gained enough followers, you can establish your status as a social media influencer. You need to contact businesses and offer to promote their products or services. Your ability to gain money will be directly related to the number of followers on your account. 

Brands like to partner with influencers who sponsor posts to promote their businesses, as lots of people will buy products and services based on word-of-mouth recommendations. The key is not to sound too salesy, or your followers won’t trust the products and services you’re promoting. 

Even if you don’t have millions of followers, brands would still be interested in partnering with you if you have a high engagement rate. You should add the right hashtags to your posts, and brands will eventually contact you for partnerships that pay lots of money.

Become an Affiliate

When you become an affiliate, you will receive money every time someone makes purchases from the brand you’ve promoted. You can do that by providing a promo code or a link that people press to buy the products. 

Becoming an affiliate allows you to earn a passive income because you don’t have to follow up once you’ve promoted the link or the promo code. People will continue to make purchases even when you’re not creating any content or making new posts, as long as the code or link is still valid. 

The key is to find a brand that matches the content you usually publish, so you can make sure that you’re targeting the right audience. If you’re posting makeup tutorials, you can be an affiliate to makeup brands or stores. 

Become a Brand Ambassador

If you’re already established your status as an influencer or affiliate marketer, a brand might be interested in some form of a long-term collaboration with you. This is when you become a brand ambassador, where you will be promoting the products or services of a single brand. 

As a brand ambassador, you’ll usually receive free products to try and review them, while encouraging your followers to buy them by stating their advantages and how they can add value to their lives. If you become incredibly successful, you might be invited to create co-branded products with some famous brands in your niche. These products will carry your name and will be sold by the brand all over the world.

Make Instagram Story Filters

About 500 million people create Instagram stories every day, and you can create unique filters to help people make their stories more fun and special. Augmented Reality or AR filters alter the image in front of the camera lens to take photos and videos more engaging. 

Spark AR is a platform that allows anyone to create interactive filters that can be used in Instagram stories as well as other social media platforms. These filters can be used to promote your brand or connect with the audience. 

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Wrap Up

Making money on Instagram is easy, and there are several models that you can experiment with. Make sure that you pick the right niche that would appeal to your target audience, so you don’t waste your time or effort. If you study this opportunity thoroughly, you’ll be making a lot of money quickly.