Chokers and crop tops aren’t the only fashion items that made a comeback from the ‘90s. People nowadays are looking to top their outfits off by a scrunchie, which was a major trend in the last decade. Scrunchies are fairly easy to make, and they’re available in glamorous designs such as satin and velvet. Here, I’ll show you how to make scrunchies at home in six easy steps. If you have a little girl, you can let her join in on the fun too!

How to Make Scrunchies at HomeHow to Make Scrunchies at Home (6 Easy Steps)

Here are some easy steps to make a scrunchie at home. You’ll need basic sewing skills along with some patience. But first, let’s see the materials that you’ll need:

  • 4.5-inch piece of fabric of your liking
  • 9-inch wide elastic thread
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Safety pin
  • An iron
  • A thread of matching color

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

The first thing you should do is to choose the fabric you’ll work with. If you don’t have much experience with sewing, I recommend that you go for lightweight woven fabrics, such as quilting cotton. Alternatively, you can work with velvet if you’re opting for a luxurious look. Try to avoid satin fabrics, unless you absolutely need to use them. They tend to slip off your hair, so you’ll likely need to use a hair holder underneath. Plus, they’re harder to sew. 

Step 2: Cut & Crease

At first, you’ll need to cut the elastic according to the scrunchie size you want. It should be 8-inch long if you want a small one or 9-inch if you want a large one. Secondly, grab your cutting tool and cut a strip of the fabric. You won’t need a large width. Three inches would be ideal. That being said, you’ll want to be generous with the length. You can cut it up to 25 inches. That way, the creases will have enough space to form. Grab the 3-inch ends and fold each of them towards the fabric’s back. Make a tiny fold, about quarter an inch. This is where you’ll sew them later on.

Step 3: Close the Tube

Scrunchies are just tubes that are stitched together at the ends. The elastic runs inside the tube, and it’s responsible for the creases. For you to form the main tube, you’ll need to fold the fabric strip lengthwise in half. But make sure you do it on the wrong side of the fabric. In the process, undo the tiny fold that you made earlier, and place the start of the elastic at the crease. Next, grab the thread and sew across this fold, so the elastic is pinned down. During this, bear in mind that you shouldn’t sew to the end of the strip’s width. Leave quarter an inch and pivot 90 degrees lengthwise. Finish this stitch at the other end of the strip, and now you have an enclosed tube with an open end. I recommend that you backstitch here to secure the thread.

Step 4: Adjust the Tube and Sew the Ends

In this step, you’ll adjust the tube so that it turns inside-out. That way, you’ll have the right side of the fabric on the outside. First, attach the pin to the elastic’s end that’s not sewn yet. Next, turn the tube inside-out. You can use a stick, a pencil, or a ruler for this step. Afterward, grab the safety pin and pull the elastic out of the tube’s open end. The elastic will then pull the fabric, and you’ll have a scrunchy tube with one open end. Grab the elastic’s loose end and sew it to the tube’s closed end. Needless to say that you should remove the safety pin at this step. You’ll then have a closed scrunchie with the elastic sticking out.

Step 5: Add the Final Touches

The last thing you should do is to cover the piece of elastic sticking out. To achieve this, you’ll have to fold the open end of the tube inwards. Then, slip it around the closed end, where the elastic is peeking out, and stitch. You should then have a closed scrunchie that’s ready to use. Before this step, I recommend that you straighten the scrunchy tube and check the position of the seam. It happens sometimes that it gets disordered while working. So, it wouldn’t hurt to check before proceeding. 

Step 6: Add Some Art to Your Scrunchie

The scrunchie is technically done at step 5, but if you’re using plain fabric, you may need to add an artistic bunny-ears bow. Firstly, cut a fabric strip into an elongated hexagon. You can choose any fabric you like that goes with the scrunchie’s color. Secondly, fold it in half lengthwise on its wrong side. You should now have the shape of a trapezium. Sew across the ends of the folded fabric, pivot at the corner, and stop after about an inch. This time, you’ll repeat this step on both ends. After finishing, you should have stitches that go from both sides with a gap in the center. Next, turn the fabric inside-out using a pencil or a chopstick. Iron it, so that it straightens out; and tie it around the scrunchie tightly. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to attach it. I recommend the glue gun because it’ll secure the bow better. Now, you have a beautiful, decorated scrunchie!

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Closing Thoughts

The ‘90s was the epitome of fashion, up to the point that nearly all trends are making a comeback. Some of them are also evolving to match this decade’s style. You can do the same with your scrunchies.

Now that you know how easy the process is, you can make a colorful array of scrunchies for all of your outfits. You can even use fabric from old clothes to make them. This is a nice project for little girls too, they can compete and learn some sewing skills in the process!