Feeling excited about your upcoming vacation? After you’ve spent much time taking care of your indoor plants, you’re probably wondering how they will be able to survive, especially if you’re staying away for more than a couple of days. Learning how to water indoor plants while on vacation will keep your plants well-hydrated, so you can rest assured while you’re away from home.

How To Water Indoor Plants While on VacationWater your Indoor Plants When You’re Not at Home

When asking someone to take care of your plants isn’t an option, you can always use these easy to master tips to water your plants when you’re not around. Check them out and choose the most suitable one.

1. Use an Inverted Bottle

This is one of the easiest and also most practical methods to use when you’re spending a few days away from home. You’ll need a bottle with a cap, and you should make a few holes in the cap using a nail.

Fill the bottle with water and put it upside down in the soil. The roots will absorb the amount of water needed to keep your plant healthy. This method can keep your plants well-hydrated for a week and is quite easy to set up.

2. Set up a Wicking System

This DIY self-watering system is easy to set up and can last for a long time, so you might want to give it a try if you’re spending more than a week away from home. Get a bucket, vase, or other container and fill it with water. You’ll also need a cotton rope to transfer water to the soil.

Take the rope and make sure that it reaches the bottom of the water container. The other end should be pushed a few inches into the soil in the plant pot.

The rope will slowly wick water from the container and transfer them to the soil and then to the roots of the plant. If you can’t find a cotton rope, you can use a nylon rope, clothesline, or even a strand from an old t-shirt.

3. Give your Plants a Bath

If you’re worried about your plants needing too much water, this will be the right method to use. If you’re spending a lot of time away from home, this method will work, especially if you have several plants to take care of.

Add water to the bathtub until it reaches the height of 2 inches. Add a piece of cloth or a towel so that the pots don’t damage your tub, and then place the pots on top of the water.

The pots have drainage holes that will allow the roots to get soaked up with the right amount of water. Your plants can last for a week or a little more using this method.

4. Create a Plastic Bag Greenhouse

You need nothing but a clear plastic bag and 4 wood stakes to keep your plants healthy. This easy DIY method is guaranteed to provide your plants with water for a few months when it’s done right.

Insert the wood stakes into the soil to create the foundations of your greenhouse, and then wrap the plastic bag around the plant. Choose a big bag where the leaves won’t touch the edges and make sure that the plant is kept away from direct sunlight.

The water that evaporates from the leaves and the soil will be trapped, so it can, later on, keep your plants hydrated. If you keep the plants in the sun, the water will dry fast, and the plants will probably die.

5. Use a Water Saucer

Select a saucer that is slightly larger than the size of the pot and fill it with water. Place the pot in the saucer, and the roots will soak up the water. This method works if you’re spending a few days away from home.

Wrap Up

All these methods are easy to follow and are guaranteed to keep your plants well-hydrated. Some plants are low-maintenance and need less water, but even with high-maintenance plants, you can still water them properly even if you’re spending several weeks away from home.