Choosing a rap name is not easy. You a want a rapper name that will be both memorable and meaningful while also describing what you will be about. Even after you come up with something catchy, you may find that others are resonating with your rap name or maybe the social media profiles are already taken. This will most likely just lead you back to the drawing board, which means more headaches and confusion.

If doesn’t have to take you forever to come up with a great rap name though. Try one of these 5 rap name generators in order to save you some time.

Best Rap Name GeneratorsBest Rap Name Generators

1. Rap Chat

RapChat has a great rap name generator. Once you type in your first name, the rap name generator will come up with names like “Steven Scallopz,” “Reckless Brad Green,” and “Steven The Preacher.” While some of these rap names might be too cheesy for you, who knows, maybe they will grasp inspiration for your future brand.

2. Name Generator

Name Generator takes an interesting approach for finding you a rap name. It will ask you for your favorite TV character, your real-life first name, your real-life last name, and the name of a criminal. If you don’t like any of the suggested names, you may want to look into using a character name from one of your favorite TV shows.

3. MyRapName

My Rap Name did something a bit different for their rap name generator. Instead of one generic rap name, MyRapName decided to have suggestions for male rap names and female rap names.

4. Flocabulary

Despite having an intriguing website name, Flocabulary offers a rap nickname generator by letting you choose a mix of synonyms, nouns, and pre-fixes.

5. Name Generator Fun

Name Generator Fun takes a less serious approach at the rap name generation. In their tool, you can select a rap or band name, choose how to get your name, the gender of your name, and the style of the name you want: Hip Hop, Gangsta, or Wu-Tang Clan.

With the 5 suggestions above, we hope we have made your rap naming just a little bit easier.