Indoor plants will purify the air and improve the aesthetics in your home. But what are good indoor plants? These are the plants that are relatively easy to care for. They shouldn’t need a lot of sunshine, so they’re perfect for an indoor setting. Moreover, they should be able to grow properly in a pot.

What Are Good Indoor PlantsChoosing the Best Indoor Plants

You can still grow amazing indoor plants even if you don’t have much space or your apartment feels too dry or too humid. No matter how challenging the setup is, these indoor plants will grow beautifully to fill your apartment with love and zen.

1. Tillandsia

Also known as the air plant, this is an excellent indoor plant to grow because it doesn’t need soil. This plant is hardy and simply needs to be protected from frosts to grow better.

If you leave it in an unheated house with lots of shade, you can use a soaking mix twice a week to keep your plants nourished. You might also need to add fertilizer.

The best idea to grow air plants is to keep yours in a glass globe. Bright filtered light through a curtain will help the plant grow, but you should keep it away from direct sunlight.

2. Spider Plant

This is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for, so it’s an ideal choice for a newbie. The plant grows fast, and you can repot it when the roots become visible.

Your spider plant can survive with little indirect sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered regularly. However, it will be healthier in cooler temperatures.

3. Prayer Plant

This low-maintenance plant will add more colors to your indoor space. It’s called the prayer plant because the leaves fold in a prayer position at night.

It doesn’t grow high, so it’s an excellent choice for pots on a windowsill or a shelf. It needs to have access to indirect sunlight because strong direct light will burn the leaves. You should water it regularly because it can’t tolerate drought.

4. Zebra Plant

The glossy green leaves and the silver veins will instantly improve the mood in your home. There are several varieties, and you will see the red or yellow flower growing in the pot.

The zebra plant is a good choice for humid and warm climates because it’s less tolerant than other indoor plants. Nevertheless, with some preparation, you can still grow it safely at home.

Just like most indoor plants, this one prefers filtered light as it will dry when exposed to direct sunlight. It needs to be watered regularly, and you should also mist the leaves during the growing season.

5. Snake Plant

With more than 70 species, you can find a lot of shapes to choose from when you’re thinking about adding a snake plant to your indoor garden. This plant is highly tolerant of less favorable conditions, so it can go weeks without regular watering and can survive in low light conditions.

Nevertheless, it does a great job of cleaning the air as it can remove toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. You can regrow plants from cutting very easily to increase the number of plants growing in your home.

6. Pothos Plant

If you tend to leave your home for long periods, this plant will tolerate your forgetfulness because it’s easy to care for. It likes bright indirect sunlight, but can also survive in low-light conditions. The pothos plant has purifying abilities, so it will keep the air clean inside your house.

This plant is usually pest-free, so it’s easy to care for. You don’t have to water the soil regularly because the roots are subject to rotting.

Wrap Up

Having low light or staying away from home shouldn’t stop you from growing indoor plants. There are lots of tolerant and low-maintenance plants that bring positive vibes to your home, purify the air, and make your indoor space become alive.