Best Jobs for Communication Majors

If you want to understand and work directly with people, getting a communications degree opens a lot of doors for you to do exactly that.
You don’t need any postgraduate degree to break into the communications field. Some of the best jobs for communication majors rely solely on interpersonal skills and organizational abilities.
If you’re thinking about majoring in communications, or you’ve already graduated but don’t know what options are available for you, read on to find out.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists are responsible for everything regarding the brand image. As a public relations specialist, you’ll need to contact clients and partners directly, ensuring the most favorable perception of your organization.
Your job as a public relations specialist doesn’t stop at external communications. It also includes informing and encouraging all your colleagues to represent your entity in the best possible way.

Skills You’ll Need

  • Interpersonal skills: You’ll need to be friendly and outgoing to gain the desired respect and trust for your organization.
  • Speaking skills: As a public relations specialist, you’ll sometimes need to deliver speeches and presentations on behalf of your organization, so your thoughts should be as clear as possible.
  • Planning skills: Public relations specialists are integral to different events. You should be able to work out an intricate schedule that fits all the parties involved.

Media Planner

If public relations specialists are responsible for the physical identity of the organization, media planners are in charge of the virtual identity.
Media planners do extensive online market research so that they’re able to come up with a brand’s online persona. Then, they’re responsible for integrating this persona and making sure digital and social media teams all use the same brand voice.
Media planners also ensure the proper integration and subsequent success of marketing campaigns.

Skills You’ll Need

  • Marketing knowledge: You must know all the effective marketing and branding strategies to properly represent and brand your organization through different media outlets.
  • Social skills: You’ll need to have a charming personality. Not only will you need to work closely with clients, but you’ll also interact with your audience virtually. So, your social skills must shine through.
  • Media and culture awareness: Media campaigns need to be culturally relevant. You need to have extensive knowledge of the latest trends and how to utilize them in your media campaign.

Event Planner

Event planners are responsible for every aspect of an event. They manage different details, from conceptualizing ideas to booking venues to post-event reports.
You can work in event planning either as a freelance event planner or as a part of the communications team in a large organization.
Event planners aren’t only responsible for clients’ events. They’re also responsible for all the internal events and meetings within the organization.

Skills You’ll Need

  • Organizational skills: An exceptional event doesn’t happen by accident. It takes weeks, sometimes months, of careful organization and planning of even the smallest details.
  • Budgeting skills: As an event planner, you’re always tied to the finances of your client. You’ll need to be financially savvy and track all the different invoices and expenses.
  • Problem-solving skills: The show must go on. So, you’ll need to always have a backup plan and be able to solve any surprises that might complicate your event.

Sales Agent

Sales agents are the first line when it comes to meeting clients. Sometimes, the client’s knowledge or interaction with an organization is only through the sales agent.
Naturally, as a sales agent, you’ll be the face of your organization. You’ll have to meet up with different customers and, before selling them a specific product, you’ll first have to sell them to your organization.

Skills You’ll Need

  • Presentation skills: If you’re a sales agent, you’ll have to master your sales pitch. This can’t be done unless you have perfect speaking and presentation skills.
  • Negotiation skills: You’ll need to have perfect negotiation skills so that you can work out the best offer for both the customer and the organization.
  • Product knowledge: You can’t sell a product without knowing everything about it. After all, you need to be able to answer all the customer’s questions and ensure the best customer service.

Staff Writer

Written media is integral to communication. As a staff writer, your job responsibilities include expressing the ideas of the organization through writing.
You’ll need to create compelling and engaging pieces that still follow the writing style and brand image set by the media manager. You’ll also have to be well-researched and up-to-date on all the different information you’re required to write about.

Skills You’ll Need

  • Writing skills: As well as having excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation, you should be aware of different writing styles and the best one to use so you can properly convey your message.
  • Research skills: First, you should research your target audience. Then, you’ll need to research your topic so you can pick the information your audience will find enjoyable.
  • Observational skills: As a writer, you need to look at the whole picture and how your writing will be perceived by different groups of audience. You should establish the brand image accurately while appealing to as many people as you can.


The job market is full of great opportunities for communication majors. The skills that communication graduates possess make them incredibly valuable in any job relating to social sciences.
Obtaining a communications degree will offer you a lot of career choices. The best jobs for communication majors are the ones where you’ll be able to advance by working hard and putting in all your experience.
The great thing about majoring in communication is that you’re not tied to one specific field. Communication majors can do it all.
Any of the jobs mentioned above are available in any field you wish to break into, such as journalism, marketing, medical, and even political fields.