Best Side Hustles You Can Do To Improve Your Life

Who said that you have to stick to a traditional 9 to 5 job to achieve financial security and career success? The world is changing, and today the digital economy is creating unlimited opportunities for talented people. All you have to do is believe in yourself, have patience, and work hard towards achieving your goals.
In this article, we’ll talk about the best side hustles you can do to improve your income. Pursue your passion and learn more about improving your future.

Best Side Hustles You Can Do

Almost 1/3 of the global workforce is working as freelancers. Some of these freelancers have permanent jobs where freelancing is a side hustle. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 3 Americans actually has a side hustle as more people are interested in new income opportunities.
Having a side hustle is an excellent way to gain and save money, pay your debt, and explore new opportunities. If you’re not sure about your genuine talent, exploring side hustles can pave the way to successful entrepreneurship. Here are some of the best side hustles that you can explore.

1. Teach On Sidetrain

What’s better than making money while practicing the thing that you actually love? Becoming a mentor where you can share your knowledge and experience is an excellent opportunity to monetize your expertise and also help others.
Whatever skill or expertise you have, you can share it and teach others according to your available hours.
All you have to do is set a profile, and it’ll be available in public search. Finding new students is easy, and you can customize your work schedule to keep your other job until you achieve financial security. But what we really love is that you’ll be making money off something that you actually enjoy and are passionate about.
Once you’ve established your status as an online mentor, you’ll be able to increase your price. Soon enough, you might become a full-time freelancer, where you can explore other ventures or travel the world. The choice is yours.

2. Event Planning

Do you have creative ideas? Are you highly organized? Event planning might be the right side hustle for you if you like planning your friends’ baby showers, birthday parties, and engagement parties.
Event planning is all about working with people; your clients and vendors. Your goal is to know what your clients want and come up with a practical way to bring their dreams to life. At the same time, you should be able to find reliable vendors to provide you with everything you need to pull up a successful event.
You might have to start as a volunteer by organizing house-warming parties, bridal showers, or rehearsal dinners for your friends and family. Once you can master organizing all your steps, your previous clients can recommend you to others, and you can expand your clientele base using word-of-mouth marketing.
Remember that having a website to book your services will help you grow your business. You can also publish your services on social media platforms.

3. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Why not make money while enjoying the company of your favorite animals? A lot of people might hire you while they’re traveling to take care of their pets, or you might have to take dogs for walks or to grooming appointments when their owners are unavailable.
If you have a safe space to take care of other people’s pets, you can host them at your house, or you can offer to visit the pets at their owners’ house. You should be able to provide them with food, water and check if they need to take a bath. You might even have to take the pets to the vet in case of an emergency.
You can offer your services to your neighbors and friends, but once you’ve achieved success, more people will approach you to take care of their pets. Then, you can start a website or a blog where you offer pet care tips and also offer your pet sitting services.
If you take your pets to a vet, you can talk to them about an endorsement deal. They can distribute your cards, and you can recommend their services to other pet owners. You can also do the same with the local pet shop.

4. Start To Blog or Vlog

Blogging and vlogging are available for everyone, as long you have the right equipment and content. For a blog, you need a laptop and a steady internet connection. For a vlog, you need the same, in addition to a professional video camera to record your vlogs. But most importantly, you need to have a content calendar with specific interesting topics that you want to share with the world.
The purpose of your blog or vlog is to share your valuable content with the rest of the world. You can start a blog easily by finding a web hosting service and posting your content. After that, you can start your vlog on YouTube or Instagram.
After providing original content that catches attention, you can start posting ads or using your blog for affiliate marketing. Post links to products and services to generate passive income when people click those links to buy them. Your main goal is to keep on posting new and original content that your readers or viewers won’t be able to find anywhere else.

5. Catering

Did you enjoy bake sales as a child? If you enjoy baking or cooking, you can sell your tasty culinary creations to others. Start by setting up a stall in the local market or distributing free finger food during charity events. Once your food has gained popularity, you can start your own catering business.
Start by promoting your business among your acquaintances and friends, and look out for any forthcoming events. If there’s an office party coming up, you might bring some of your food to promote your business.
It’s best to start by taking a limited number of orders per week. Then, offer your clients something extra like a home-delivery service to make your business more appealing. You can also set up a stall in the local supermarket or food store and sell your latest creations to gain feedback from your clients.
Today, using social media marketing will help your business boom. Take professional shots of your food or hire a food stylist and photographer to promote your catering services. You should study the costs of the ingredients to set up the right price for your food.

6. Rent Out A Spare Room on Airbnb

Airbnb was established by two entrepreneurs who noticed that hotel rooms in San Francisco were too expensive for most people, and hotels were almost always booked. Since they were struggling with paying rent, they decided to rent out the extra space in their place, offering people a place to sleep and have breakfast for an affordable price.
You don’t have to go through any hassle because the website already exists. If you have an extra room in your place, you can make money by becoming a host on Airbnb. All you have to do is to make sure that your place meets the website’s standards and create your profile to become a host.
Airbnb is an excellent opportunity for people who have no money to start a side hustle because you won’t spend anything on marketing. You’ll just have to take cool pictures of your place, and the website will do the rest. Moreover, receiving your money is guaranteed because all monetary transactions are done through the website.
As a host, you can expect to make $1000 or more, depending on the nature of your place, the city where you’re located, and the services you provide. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

7. Drive For a Ride Share Company

Do you enjoy driving? Luckily, you can make money by driving different people around the city.
While you have extra time to spare, someone is looking for a safe and fast lift. Instead of parking your car, you can drive around town and make some extra cash using different platforms like Uber or Lyft.
You need to have an approved vehicle, a smartphone, and a valid license. You might also have to pass a driving test. Even if you don’t have a car, Lyft and Uber partner with different insurance companies to get you a car.
The best thing about these platforms is that you can drive people or deliver goods. You can also turn on and off your availability depending on your schedule.

8. Become a Mystery Shopper

Do you love shopping? Do you want to make money while you’re shopping, eating, or having fun? This is possible if you choose to become a mystery shopper.
Market force and Bestmark are good places to start, where you can become a mystery shopper and record your experience with various retailers and brands. There are several ways you can generate income through mystery shopping. You can either get paid for making calls or visits, receive reimbursement for the products you bought and keep them, and enjoy free food paid for by the company.
Your job is to evaluate a brick-and-mortar store, including assessing the customer service quality, the cleanliness of the shop, store presentation, and other aspects of your shopping experience. After that, you’ll have to fill in a survey to record your experience. You should expect to make around $20 per hour, and you’ll get to keep all the products you’ve bought.

9. Manage A Social Media Account

Being an entrepreneur means that you have a great idea or concept, but you might not have enough time to manage every aspect of your business. This is where social media account managers come to the rescue.
As a social media manager, your job is to manage the website’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. You should respond to questions and complaints, hype new products and services, and post regularly to engage clients.
You can either work for a monthly fee or set an hourly rate. This is an excellent side hustle for someone who loves online interactions and doesn’t mind spending 6 to 8 hours using their laptop. You won’t be responsible for providing the products or services, but you should be able to communicate the clients’ requests to the business owner.

10. Become a Babysitter

Are you good with kids? If you have some free time, you can become a babysitter, taking care of your friends and family members’ little ones. It takes a lot of talent to be able to establish rapport with children of different ages, but if you have it, this will be the right side hustle for you.
Before babysitting any kid, ask about their age and interests. This way, you can think of interesting activities that can keep them occupied. You should also be able to maintain the parents’ rules in the house, so their kids still know that you’re in charge.
You can market your services on different platforms like, and SitterCity. Once people have tried your services, they will leave positive reviews to attract more clients, and they’ll also put in a good word for you with their friends and acquaintances. You might eventually be able to start your own day or afternoon care establishment because parents know that they can trust you.


Having a side hustle is an excellent way to increase your income, pay off your credit card debt, secure your mortgage payments, and so much more. But, at the same time, it’s a great way to find out your true passion if you still haven’t found something that you’re actually passionate about.