Cover Letter Examples That Will Help You Stand Out

If you've ever interviewed for a job, you must have written a cover letter before. Maybe it wasn’t that good or maybe you’ve recently graduated and you’ve never applied for a job before so you don’t really know how to write a winning cover letter.
Regardless, if you want to nail your next job interview, it’s important to put some thought and a little bit of time into writing a well-crafted cover letter.
With that said, we've put together some helpful tips and cover letter examples to help you land your dream job. Let’s jump right into it.

What Is a Cover Letter?

While a resume is a short sheet that highlights your education and previous experience, a cover letter shows more of your personality and accomplishments. It’s usually a one-page document explaining to the employer why you’re suitable for this job.
A cover letter is basically your shot at standing out from the crowd. It shows the employer why you’re perfect for the job and how your skills will be valuable and make you an indispensable part of their team.

Why Is a Cover Letter Important?

A cover letter is a crucial addition to your resume. It can significantly increase your chances of landing a job. A good one can even get you multiple interviews at once.
Here's why:

Builds a Connection Between You and the Employer

While your resume states your accomplishments, your cover letter shows the employer how you felt about them and which ones you’re most proud of.
Illustrating how you’ve managed to get these accomplishments and what motivated you through them makes you shine from the crowd.
This lets them know how your goals align with their requirements and it highlights your unique personality traits to the potential employer, helping you build a strong connection with them.

Demonstrates Your Writing Skills

Words are powerful. If you’re using your words wisely and beautifully, you’re definitely going to get that dream job.
A well-written letter can show the employer how you can put your thoughts on paper in an easy and understandable manner. This is a huge plus as it shows your communication skills.

Shows Your Passion Towards the Role

Your cover letter should be tailored to the company you’re applying to, showing that you’ve researched the company and understand its needs.
By letting your enthusiasm and passion shine, you can show yourself as someone who will do very well in the position.

How to Write Great Cover Letters

A well-written cover letter can help you get an interview. Check out the tips below for ideas on what to include in your own cover letter:
  • Address the person listed in the job advertisement. Usually, this will be the hiring manager.
  • State what’s the position you're applying for clearly and how you found out about it.
  • Talk about the company’s history. This will show that you’ve conducted your research.
  • Tell them why they should hire you and how your skills are valuable to them.
  • Avoid repetition. If you’re applying for multiple jobs make sure your cover letter is addressed properly.
  • Stay on point and avoid typos.

Cover Letter Examples

You can use the following example letters to guide you in deciding what to include and how to format your letter.

Example 1

Charlie Smith
1234 Street
Town name, USA 1123.
Phone number
June 14, 2022
Samantha Jones
Hiring Manager
Flow Company
Office address, LA 12344
Dear Ms. Jones,
I am very interested in the senior copywriter’s assistant position at Flow Company, as advertised on LinkedIn. I am currently working as a freelance copywriter, and my portfolio is attached below. The skills and discipline I have gained from working on my own, make me an ideal candidate for this job
Before turning to freelance I’ve worked as a copywriter for another company. During my time at the company, I acquired strong writing and editing skills. My co-workers and I often collaborated on projects, and we had multiple chances to work in teams.
This helped me sharpen my brainstorming skills to come up with many creative ideas. Also, I was praised for my ability to accept constructive criticism and alter my writings accordingly.
I’ve written many types of copy over time. Ranging from headlines, landing pages, blog posts, and Instagram ads. I am especially proud of my skill in writing hooks. Hooks can be used wherever, and their purpose is to literally tease and “hook” the reader in to read more.
Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a Copywriter for Flow. I am excited to learn more about the company, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Charlie Smith (signature)

Example 2

Camilla Doe
123 Street name
Town, NYC 4567.
Phone number
June 14, 2022
Francis White
Hiring Manager
Roots Tech Company
Company address, NYC 789
Dear Mr. White,
I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised on LinkedIn.
With my strong technical background and education, I believe I am a highly competitive candidate for this position.
I have a number of strengths that would help me succeed in this position, including the ability to revise my work based on criticism, always striving for perfection in my work, and providing excellent ideas as well as working well with others.
I have a Master’s degree in Computer Programming, so I understand software development projects from start to finish. Moreover, I am familiar with the latest technologies and can apply them as appropriate. For more information about my experience, please see my résumé.
My sincere appreciation goes out to you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you are interested in discussing this position with me.
Camilla Doe (signature)


When writing a cover letter, do your best to personalize the information to fit the job description. Use the employer's name, including any important business details (e.g., company size, annual revenue).
By giving a brief overview of why you're a good fit for the job, you will increase your chances of landing an interview, and potentially being hired. And don’t forget to follow the cover letter examples provided above so you can outshine the other applicants.