How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on iMessage?

It’s easy to block someone on iMessage. Yet, it’s not as easy to find out whether you’ve been blocked or not.
Not getting a reply isn’t enough to know for sure. They might have just turned on the “Do Not Disturb” feature, or maybe they’re not using their phones at the moment.
Their phones might be switched off or out of service. Also, a poor internet connection could be the culprit.
So, how do you know if someone blocked you on iMessage? Read on to find out.

What Happens if Someone Blocks Me on iMessage?

When someone blocks you on iMessage, you’ll be able to text them as you normally do. However, they won’t get your message.
They won’t even receive a notification that you’ve sent them a text. Even if you switch to SMS, they still won’t receive your text.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any notification to let you know whether this person has blocked you.

5 Signs to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage

Let’s just be clear. There isn’t a definite way to know if someone blocked you on their iPhone or not. That is unless they let you know themselves.
Nevertheless, there are ways you can go about figuring out if someone has blocked you from their contact list.
Here are five signs to know if someone blocked you on iMessage:

Green iMessage Bubble

Normally when you’re texting someone on iMessage, the color of the message bubble is blue. This means that both of you have an active internet connection to use iMessage.
When one of you doesn't have an active internet connection, the message bubble turns green. It means that you're no longer using iMessage, but instead, you’ve switched to SMS.
This only happens if you allow the “Send as Text Message” feature on your iPhone.
Keep in mind that the green message might mean that the person isn’t connected to the internet at that moment. So, if you’re used to getting a late response, then that’s fine.
On the flip side, getting a green bubble can signify that they’ve blocked you if you're used to getting a quick reply.
It’s worth mentioning that if your recipient has an Android phone, this method won’t help you in any way.

Check the Message Status

Usually, when you send a message using iMessage, you see a “Delivered” or “Read” notification below the message. When you’re blocked, you won’t receive any of these notifications.
Still, you can only consider this as a sign that the person blocked you if you usually get those notifications in the first place.
For example, they might have the “Send Read Receipts'' option turned on. This feature prevents anyone from seeing the message status.
Also, you won’t get the “Delivered” notification if the recipient is out of service, not connected to the internet, or their phone is turned off.
What you can do here is to wait a couple of hours or even a day and send another message. If you still don’t see the status of your message and no replies, then it might mean that this person has blocked you.

Try Sending a Message on WhatsApp

Of course, this isn’t necessary if none of you uses the app. However, if you often text using WhatsApp as well, try sending them a message there.
If the message is sent and you see the double check mark sign on the text, this means they haven’t blocked you.
However, you only get this sign if the person’s phone is connected to the internet. So, again it might just be that their phone is out of service.
You can wait a day or two and try again. Combining this with the previous method should let you know if you’ve been blocked.
WhatsApp isn’t the only app to use this method. You can use any messaging app that uses your phone number, as opposed to apps like Messenger.

Try Calling Them

When someone blocks you on iMessage, they also stop receiving calls from you. However, you can try to give them a call to check if they’ve blocked you.
If the phone rings, it means you’re not blocked. It could be that they simply don’t have an active internet connection.
On the other hand, if you only hear one ring and go directly to voicemail, it’s a red flag.
Even if you leave them a voicemail, they won’t get a notification. Instead, they’ll receive your voicemail in the “Blocked Messages” folder.
This folder is found at the end of the voicemail list right under the “Deleted Messages” folder.

Hide Your Caller ID and Call Them Again

This is probably the best way to know if someone has blocked you or not. What you need to do first is to hide your caller ID from Settings.
So, head to your Settings app and tap on Phone. Then, choose “Show My Caller ID” and toggle off the button next to it.
You can also do this by typing *67 before the number each time you call.
Now that your caller ID is hidden, give the person a call. If you can hear more than two rings, it means that their phone is working fine, and it’s likely they’ve blocked you.

Could They Have Activated the “Do Not Disturb” Feature?

It might be that the person has turned on the “Do Not Disturb” feature. When this feature is activated, the person won’t receive any notifications about calls or messages, including iMessages.
The easiest way to know if this is the case is to call the person. If you hear the phone ringing as it usually does, you haven’t been blocked.
Note that if the person has activated the “Do Not Disturb” feature, you can still see the message status under each message. Besides, they’ll probably reply to you as soon as they disable it.


If you can’t just go and ask the person if they’ve blocked you, check the five signs we listed above. Keep in mind not all of them will let you know for sure if you’ve been blocked or not.
The best thing to do is go through each sign one by one, given that you actually care enough to find out. This way, you’ll be certain and take the appropriate measures.