How to Increase Twitter Followers

Without a doubt, social media is now the go-to for building brand identity. Whether you're setting up social media for your brand or you're an aspiring influencer, it all boils down to the number of followers you have.
When it comes to Twitter, the roadmap is pretty straightforward, so you don’t need to cut corners and buy followers. Stick around as we’re about to discuss all you need to know regarding how to increase Twitter followers.

Why Is It Important to Increase Your Twitter Followers?

When it comes to starting a conversation, Twitter has proven to be a worthy opponent to other social media platforms.
Because of its openness to public speech, people from all over the world have gravitated toward expressing themselves through tweets.
The fun part about this is that you can interact with the tweets in a variety of ways, and the majority of them spark a conversation.
This type of interaction allows brand owners to easily connect, engage, and share ideas with their target audience.
With 396.5 million users, 206 million of whom use Twitter daily, you'll want to work on increasing your Twitter followers to reap its benefits.
How will increasing the number of followers help you? The short answer is trustworthiness.
Followers attract followers, meaning that if you have a large number of followers, people will most likely follow you. To put it differently, the number of followers you have gives people a sense of credibility.
Further, increased organic reach leads to increased engagement, and so, Twitter prioritizes posts from popular accounts.
Now that you know the importance of increasing your Twitter followers, it's time to learn how to do it.

How to Increase Twitter Followers

With the right tactics, it's easy to increase your Twitter followers, but it won't happen overnight. So, along with patience here are eight simple tricks to grow your followers:
It Starts With Your Profile
You must make the first glance of your profile interesting enough for people to stop and check it out. This step requires little effort but is very effective, and here's how it's done:
  • Professional profile picture and header:
Select high-resolution photos that represent you or your brand. Photos of poor quality or that have been cropped give an unprofessional look to your profile.
Resize your:
  • Profile picture to 400x400 pixels to ensure that it looks good in Twitter's circular format.
  • Header to 1500x500-pixel-wide image.
  • An inclusive bio: When people visit your profile, they’d want to learn more about you or your brand, so make sure the info is there. Twitter's bio is 160 characters long and should be used to inform users about what you do.
Since Twitter's bio is searchable, use this opportunity to include keywords and hashtags related to your business.
Aside from the bio, you should include your address, website, and phone number if possible.
  • A clear username: The username you select must represent your brand. The username, along with the profile picture, is the only thing that appears on people's timelines. That's why choosing a clear name is just as important as selecting a clear profile picture.
Stay Active, Tweet Regularly
Posting regularly will maintain your brand presence by keeping your current followers engaged, which is bound to attract more followers.
It's recommended that you tweet one to five times per day. Of course, if you can do more, that's fantastic, but if not, these figures will get you there.
The good news is that there are multiple tools available to help you manage your tweets. With the help of these tools, you can schedule when to post each tweet so that you don't have to manually post them.
Add Visuals to Your Content
Include visuals in your content whenever possible. According to Twitter, 97% of users focus on visuals, so they provided us with simple guidelines for selecting the right ones.
Aside from attracting new followers and engaging existing ones, visuals allow you to say more. You see, the character limit for tweets is 280, so a picture or a short video can help you add more words to a single tweet.
Make Good Use of Hashtags
Hashtags are a terrific way to boost your visibility and hop on trends. However, don't overdo it; use one to two hashtags per tweet, because a tweet showered in hashtags looks cheesy and unprofessional.
You can use trending hashtags in your industry, popular hashtags recommended by Twitter or create your own.
Maintain High-Quality Content
If your followers didn't find anything of value, there's a high possibility they'll hit the unfollow button. That said, make sure that every tweet you send is informative in some way.
For instance, consider sharing:
  • Personal stories that are either motivational or emotional
  • Inspirational stories or quotes
  • Exclusive offers
Most importantly, stay up to date and always check the explore page for trending topics. You can even use keywords and hashtags to find out what's trending in your industry.
Boost Visibility, AKA Engage
This is where you build a solid follower base, by constantly engaging and interacting with them.
Engagement is one of the factors that’ll cause you to appear on Twitter's algorithm. This, in turn, will increase your exposure in users' feeds.
Here are some great examples of how you can engage and interact with users:
  • Making polls, asking questions, quizzes, games, etc
  • Liking and responding to comments, retweets, and mentions
  • Responding to direct messages (79% expect a response within a day of reaching out)
  • Participate in and host Twitter chats
  • Tagging non-competitors and commenting on their accounts
  • Adding memes and popular hashtags to your tweets
“Timing Is Everything”
Yes, this saying also applies to posting!
Choose the best times to tweet, which are the times when your target audience is known to be active. This varies depending on the audience, but UniClix algorithms were able to give us an estimate for those times:
  • Best time to post:
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m
  • Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m
  • Best days to post: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
However, if you have a global follower base, then you need to post content throughout the day to accommodate different time zones.
No Limitations, Just Threads
Create threads instead of limiting yourself to the character limit of a tweet. Divide your story into multiple series and link them together by numbering each series at the beginning of each tweet.
The better the story, the more likely people will be interested in it. Moreover, because the thread comprises several tweets, the odds of it being seen are increased.


Learning how to increase Twitter followers is a stepping stone to building a remarkable account. Hopefully, with the aid of the information shared in this post, you’ll be able to boost your number of followers in no time.
Note that you can use specialized tools like SocialPilot and TweetDeck to help you manage your Twitter account. They’ll make your life easier, but they’re not necessary.
If you’re still not ready to implement a tool, you can manage the account yourself. All you'll need is some free time and a dash of creativity.