How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Do you think that relationships are tricky? You’re not alone. With more than 50% of the American population being single, people are becoming more skeptical of getting into relationships. So finding a nice person that you can really connect with isn’t easy and shouldn’t be taken for granted. But now more than ever, people are keeping their feelings to themselves, so how can you tell if someone really likes you?
If you want to know if a girl likes you, you’ve come to the right place. So keep on reading to find the answer to your question.

Are Women Difficult to Understand?

You’ve probably heard this a million times, so you just deal with it now as a fact of life, but are women really that difficult to understand? Are there any differences between men and women when it comes to their feelings?
Both men and women experience the same feelings, but they process them and act upon them differently. Of course, not all men and all women are the same, but in most cases, men can’t understand women because they try to use their logic to interpret their actions.
Girls and women, in general, are more detail-oriented and are more likely to analyze the situations that they experience. They’re also more emotional and can link odors, colors, and overall emotional experiences with a physical object.
Moreover, women of all ages are under more social pressure, in most cases, than men. This social pressure is imposed on them by society and even other women. All these factors can confuse men when they’re wondering about what women want.

How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Although some women would prefer to come off bluntly and tell you exactly how they feel about you, most of them will try to test the waters first. Most girls and women prefer to give subtle hints to allow the guy to take the first step. So, if you’re wondering if a girl likes you, look out for the following signs.
  1. She maintains eye contact with you. If you’re dealing with a shy girl or someone who has been through a heartbreak, she might not prefer to tell you directly how she feels about you before knowing where you stand. Instead, she will prefer to maintain eye contact with you while you’re talking, so you can tell she’s interested in the way she looks at you.
  2. She smiles at you when you’re talking, even if you’re sitting with a group. A girl or woman will use her smile to show you that she’s enjoying what you’re saying and that she approves it. She will also use her sincere smile to show that she feels happy in your company.
  3. She will let you know that she’s single and available. She might tell you about her experience as a single person or even complain about not having a date for an event.
  4. She starts to act nervous. It’s quite normal for some people to act conscious and slightly shy around the people they like. If you’ve known someone for quite some time, then she starts acting a little bit weird, she might really like you, and this is why she’s worried about what you think.
  5. She touches you while you’re talking. To women, physical touch is a sign that she likes you and feels safe around you. She will start touching your arms, shoulders or simply touching your hands while you’re talking. This sign also shows you that she wants to protect you and comfort you.
  6. She uses inviting body language. When she’s talking with you, she will tilt her body towards you, whether she’s sitting or standing. She won’t pull away if you get closer, and she will try to get close to you as well.
  7. She agrees with your opinion in a group. If you belong to the same group of friends, she will start showing you more moral support, especially if others don’t agree with you.
  8. She always tries to look her best when you’re around. If you work or go to school with a girl and then suddenly notice a big change in the way she looks or dresses, she might be trying to send you signs. She’ll also try to hang out at your favorite spots, so you can see and admire her new look.
  9. If you two are into social media, she will like and comment on every post. This is her way of showing you and the rest of the world that she’s really impressed with everything you say, no matter how minor it might seem.
  10. She tells her friends and family about you. If suddenly, her friends and family are aware of your existence, then she’s been talking about you and telling them that she likes you. She will pick up the phone when she’s around her other friends, and she might even try to introduce you to them.
  11. She will reschedule other plans to be with you. Even if she’s busy, if a girl or woman likes you, she will make herself available, even if this stresses her. However, you shouldn’t take that for granted, and try to be flexible with your plans.
  12. She remembers all the tiny details. If a girl likes you, she will remember all the things you say even if they don’t seem important because she cares about you.
  13. She shows real concern if you’re not feeling well. If you suddenly fall ill or if you suffer from a problem and receive emotional support, this could be a sign that this person really likes you. She will try to act in a supportive way and listen to you to help you feel better. She will also try to offer solutions to help you out.
  14. She cares about your opinion. She will start telling you stories and seek your advice. She might even ask you about the nail polish color to pick or what you think of her outfit. These are signs that she really cares about what you think.
  15. She asks for your help. Girls and women do this to show men that they need them. If you know that she can do it by herself, but she still asks for your help, she’s probably trying to let you know that she trusts you.

In Conclusion

Although men and women approach feelings and relationships differently, there are some subtle signs that can tell you that a girl really likes you. If you’re into her, why not take the first move? The love of your life might be just around the corner.