How to Make Indoor Plant Leaves Shiny


Over time, the foliage of houseplants can become dull due to a buildup of minerals from your water or from dust accumulation. While commercial leaf-shine products can be expensive and contain chemicals that are not recommended for your house, this article will teach you how to make indoor plant leaves shiny with organic solutions.

How to Make Indoor Plant Leaves Shiny

There are a number of ways to make your indoor plant leaves shiny without using over-the-counter shine products. Try any of the solutions below and let us know your favorite way to make your indoor plants shine!

Milk Mixture for Increased Shine

One of the first ways that you can make your plant leaves shine is to combine equal parts of milk and water. Once you have mixed those two liquids in a bowl, use the mixture to wipe the plant leaves. This will enhance the natural shine on plant leaves.

Banana Peels to Make Leaves Shiny

One of the stranger ways to get a more natural-looking shine is to use banana peels to shine houseplant leaves. All you need to do is take a banana peel and use the soft inner part to rub the surface of leaves. By doing this, you will use natural oils from the peel to leave a shine and fragrance in the house. We recommend using banana peels on your leaves at least once a week or whenever the plants need a tune-up.

Use Mayonnaise on Indoor Plants

Who said you need some expensive store-bought product? Another way to make your plant leaves shiny is to put some mayonnaise on a paper towel and gently rub the mayonnaise onto the houseplant leaves to give it a glossy shine.

Mix Soap and Water

By mixing soap and water in a bowl, you can shine drab houseplant leaves. Just make sure to dampen the paper towel in the soap and water and gently clean the plants.

Use a Dusting Feather

Use a dusting feather to sweep your plants’ leaves. While this may work best on thicker and more leafy plants, this is a great way to quickly make your plant leaves shine.


With the cleaning methods mentioned, we highly recommend steering clear of leaf-shine products which can clog leaf pores and leave toxic smells in your house.
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Can you put olive oil on plant leaves?
Yes, you can put olive oil on plant leaves, but only when diluted with water. Put olive oil in a spray bottle with water and spray it on plant leaves to add shine. It should be noted that one should not leave the undiluted olive oil on leaves it can block pores and the plant will not absorb and filter air.

What oil do you use for plant leaves?

While it can be smelly, homemade Neem Oil spray is one of the best oils to use for plant leaves.
How do I make my plant leaves greener?
Dilute one teaspoon of Epsom Salts in a liter of water and spray on the plant leaves.

Is milk good for plant leaves?

Milk contains natural sugars, calcium, vitamin B, and many other proteins that encourage health and growth in plants. Milk can be used as a fertilizer and/or pesticide.