How to Make A Remote Control Car

Are you a fan of car racing but think that it might be too dangerous? Then, why not try the next best thing?
Remote control car racing is actually a cool hobby, but this is not the only reason why someone might be interested in making a remote control car. So, If you want to know how to make a remote control car on your own, keep on reading.

Why Are Remote Control Cars Fun?

Do you think that remote control cars are just for kids? It’s true that kids love them, and they can spend long hours playing with the RC car, but the minute you get the remote control in your hand, you’ll start to see why they’re so popular.
As a matter of fact, you might have never had the chance to play with something so much fun as a kid, so why not enjoy playing with RC cars today? Here are some reasons why remote control cars are so much fun.
  • RC cars provide the thrill of real cars without any of the dangers or stress related to driving a real one. A remote control car can go as fast as 60 miles per hour, rushing through your backyard or racing in a park. With some modifications, your car can go up to 100 miles per hour.
  • When you play with an RC with your kids, you will be teaching them about their surroundings. Controlling an RC car helps kids learn about directions, make decisions, and draw conclusions, which can be a great way to teach them in a stress-free environment.
  • RC cars provide an exciting gaming experience with a real object. It’s an entertaining item that you can spend hours playing with. It’s also healthier than having your eyes fixated on a screen.
  • RC cars create the chance for healthy competition. You can set up races between family members, friends, and neighbors. Moreover, RC car races can be set up indoors or outdoors, so you can enjoy a race in every weather.
  • Kids and teens can suffer from emotional anxiety, but if they can join communities with RC car lovers, they will be able to overcome their shyness and even make new friends. This is also a cool solution for adults because many RC car clubs hold weekly and monthly meetings with other remote control enthusiasts.
  • Playing with remote control cars can be what your kid needs to know what really interests them. Playing with these cars will teach them about engineering, radio signals, directions, and even regulations.
  • Remote control cars can be a way to relieve stress. If you or your kid suffer from anxiety, playing with RC cars can be a relaxing activity.
  • Kids can learn a lot about imagination, creativity, and responsibility when they play with remote control cars. Kids can design structured games or competitions, and they will learn to take care of their cars.
  • Just like video games, remote control cars can increase hand-eye coordination. The player needs to study the space where they’re playing and practice avoiding obstacles. It’s even a way to practice navigation in real life if you’re planning on learning how to drive a car.

Why Should You Design and Build Your Remote Control Car?

RC cars are entertaining, and there are a lot of brands and models on the market. So, why should you bother and build your own? Here are a few reasons.
  • You get to customize the car just the way you like. You can pick the color, model, and everything else to build a remote car that you actually love.
  • If ready-made cars seem too slow to you, you can tweak the engine to make the car faster.
  • The sense of achievement of building something using your own hands will bring you so much satisfaction.
  • Making a remote control car can be a family project that brings you and your kids together. You can also invite their friends and neighbors, and it will be a nice opportunity for them all to bond over something that is both fun and productive.

How to Make a Remote Control Car

There are several ways you can build a remote control car. Of course, you can use an older RC car or a toy car that you can turn into a remote control car. But in this guide, we’ll build a simple car using cardboard and wheels that you can get from an old toy car.
Luckily, there are lots of miniature electronics available that you can use to build your remote control car. You can also buy a remote control car building kit.

What You Need

  • Electric drill
  • Cardboard
  • Straws and wooden sticks
  • PVC-T according to the diameter of the motor
  • PVC pipe
  • Two 9-volt DC motors
  • Battery connector
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Rubber wheels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soldering iron kit
  • 2-channel radio receiver
  • Connecting wires
  • Remote control


  1. Place the PVC-T on the cardboard and make 8 circles that match the internal diameter of the PVC-T.
  2. Use the glue gun to glue each 4 circles together to make 2 stacks.
  3. Apply the hot glue on the edges of the stack and stuff both the cardboard stacks on the opposite ends of the PVC-T.
  4. Use the drill machine to make holes at the center of each stack and insert a wooden stick into a straw then into the holes in PVC-T to act as the axle of the wheels.
  5. Use the hot glue to stick the wheels to the wooden sticks.
  6. Insert a PVC pipe into the PVC-T.
  7. Apply the two-sided tape around the motors and use it to secure them to the mouth of the PVC-T, so the motors are opposite each other.
  8. Attach the wheels on the ends of the motor shafts using hot glue.
  9. Use the hot soldering iron to make holes through the top center of the PVC-T.
  10. Pull the motor wires through the hole.
  11. Insert the 9-volt battery connector through the hole.
  12. Use the connector to connect the battery to the motor.
  13. Pay attention to the polarity and solder the motors on the circuit board. Then solder the connector wires and antenna wire to the circuit board.
  14. At the top of the PVC-T, attach the antenna wire.
  15. Put the rest of the car together by inserting the front end of the PVC-T at the back.
  16. Connect a battery to the connector clip and assemble the car by inserting the front portion into the PVC-T at the back.
  17. Try moving the car in different directions. If it doesn’t work as planned, revise all the connections. You should also make sure that the power source matches the motors and the battery is charged.


Instead of spending hours staring at a computer screen for a game or spending a lot of money on a remote control car, you can build your own. There are lots of options available, and you can actually enjoy your time while building your RC car.