How to Screenshot on iPhone 12

Have you ever come across a special image, an interesting post, or even a serious bit of news that you wished to keep? Fortunately, your iPhone can help with that. All you need to do is learn how to screenshot on iPhone 12.
Apple has made it pretty easy to capture a screenshot on iPhones. It lets you easily screenshot and instantly capture what’s caught your attention no matter what it is.
You can screenshot on iPhone 12 using buttons or even without. We’ll walk you through all you need to know to do both in this guide.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12 Using Buttons

Taking a screenshot using buttons is an easy task. To screenshot on iPhone 12 using the side buttons, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:
  1. First, get what you’d like to capture on the screen.
  2. Shortly press both the Volume Up button (on the left side) and the Side button (on the right side of the device) simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons.
Once you release the buttons, you’ll see a brief flash from the screen and hear a shutter sound (unless your iPhone is muted).
Remember that just a simple click will do. Pressing the buttons for too long triggers a confirmation message to switch off your phone.
Holding the buttons even after seeing this message activates the SOS emergency feature that automatically calls for help.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12 without Using Buttons

If the buttons on iPhone 12 aren’t working for any reason, or if you can’t control the best timing for your button press to capture the screenshot, here are a couple of other methods.

Back Tap

One of the methods used to screenshot on iPhone 12 without using buttons is to tap the back of your iPhone two or three times. But before you can use this method, make sure you enable it according to the following steps:
  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap
  2. Assign “Screenshot” to a tap option.

Assistive Touch

This is a cool accessibility feature in your iPhone 12. It allows you to simulate physical gestures and button presses via an on-screen menu. You may take a screenshot in several different ways from this feature’s menu.
You may enable Assistive Touch from your iPhone’s settings.
  1. Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch
  2. Assign “Screenshot” to one of the custom actions in the menu.
You may also screenshot on iPhone 12 directly through the Assistive Touch menu.
  1. Open Assistive Touch meu
  2. Select Device > More > Screenshot
This feature allows you to capture screenshots anytime without the use of buttons.

What Happens After You Screenshot on iPhone 12?

No matter how you capture the screenshot, a thumbnail preview immediately appears at the bottom left corner of your screen for a few seconds. You have three options.
  1. Save the screenshot without editing by simply swiping the thumbnail to the left edge of the screen.
  2. Edit the screenshot by clicking on the thumbnail. This takes you to the markup screen that allows you to edit or share your screenshot.
  3. Continue using your iPhone or even take more screenshots by ignoring the thumbnail. Don’t worry; it won’t appear on your new screenshots.
You can return to the markup screen at any time by following these simple steps.
  1. Find the image in photos
  2. Tap on the overflow menu button in the top-right corner
  3. Choose “Markup” from the menu

How to Use the Markup Screen on iPhone 12

The markup screen allows you to edit, share, or delete your screenshot. It features several edit options such as magnifying, drawing, highlighting, and adding shapes or text.
The tools are fairly easy to use. On the top bar, there are the undo and redo buttons. The bottom bar features various markup tools. For example, there are different drawing tools, a color palette, and a +sign.
If you tap the +sign, it shows you options to add text or signature, magnify, and apply a variety of effects such as opacity.
Remember to press “Done” on the upper left corner to save the changes to your screenshot.
If you want to delete the screenshot, click on the trash can icon on the top right corner of the markup screen.

How to Screenshot a Full Page on iPhone 12

The Safari App supports the option to screenshot an entire page. For a screenshot of a Safari page, your markup screen allows you to choose between “screen” and “full screen.”
This feature makes it easy to screenshot the page from top to bottom as if you’ve scrolled down to capture multiple images of the screen. This comes in handy for those interested in web development and design work.

How to Save a Screenshot on iPhone 12

Your iPhone 12 automatically saves your screenshots. You may find your screenshot in the Photos App > Album > Screenshots.
You may also find your screenshot in the “Recent” section of the Photo App or in your Camera Roll album with your other photos.

How to Share a Screenshot on iPhone 12

Captured and saved, your screenshot is now ready to be shared. Sharing a screenshot is like sharing any other photo on your iPhone 12. Sharing can be done via text messages, emails, or social media.
The following steps show you how to share a screenshot:
  1. Find the screenshot on the Photo App in either the screenshots or the camera roll albums.
  2. Tap the screenshot to open it.
  3. Tap the share button on the top right corner. It looks like a box with an upward arrow.
  4. Select the app via which you want to share the screenshot.


So, how to screenshot on iPhone 12? Your iPhone 12 allows you to capture screenshots in three different ways: one with buttons and two without.
You may screenshot by pressing both the Volume Up button and the Side button simultaneously. You can also screenshot without buttons using the Assistive Tap menu or the Back Tap option.
Your iPhone 12 saves your screenshot to a special folder in the preinstalled Photo App. You may edit and share your screenshot from the markup screen that appears once you tap the image or its thumbnail preview.