How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Sometimes, talking to a girl you like may seem like a big deal. You could obsess over it for days, wondering what you can say or do to impress her. Yet, the whole thing is much more simple than you think.
Take a good dose of self-confidence and have a look at the following tips on how to start a conversation with a girl.

Step 1: Start With a Greeting

A girl is a human being after all, and the best thing you can do to begin a nice chat with her is to just say hi. Keep a warm smile on your face and relax your body language to project your confidence.
Try to maintain eye contact and don’t get too close not to be in her personal space. If she greets you back with interest, you could start your conversation. If not, it’ll be time to step back.

Step 2: Compliment Her

Everyone likes a decent compliment every now and then, especially girls who can sense a nice, sincere observation. You can comment on her cute dress, beautiful haircut, or anything else as long as you remain respectful.
Make your remark simple and straight to the point to make a good impression. Don’t overdo it not to sound too needy or creepy.
If she smiles and accepts the compliment, you can go ahead and introduce yourself if you two don’t already know each other. Tell her your name, then talk about your interests or profession if she seems interested.
A good thing to do here is to let her know why you approached her.

Step 3: Talk About Something You Both Have in Common at the Moment

It’s a fantastic idea to include a topic that you both have in common at the beginning of a conversation. For example, if you two have a mutual friend or co-worker, you could talk about how you know that person and ask her how she first met them.
If you’re at a convention or concert, it’s pretty easy to go on and on about the artist or band you’re both here to see.
This tip is usually the most effective way to start a conversation with someone you like. It gives you a big opportunity to get to know her and let her know more about your personality.
Again, stay as casual as possible but show enough interest to let her know that you care. Watch her body language to see if she’d like to take the conversation further or if she’s losing attention.

Step 4: Ask About Her Interests and Hobbies

Girls like it when you’re more interested in their personal preferences and hobbies than their physical looks. Sure, it feels good when you say she’s beautiful, but it's even better when you make it apparent that you’d like to know more about her interests.
Here, you could ask her directly what she loves to do in her free time. If you’d rather not, you can use the indirect approach. For example, you could hint at a book or TV show you’ve been binging and then ask what her favorites are.
If she likes where the conversation is headed, she’ll tell you what she likes. Or, if she has other hobbies, she’ll be open to sharing them with you.
Make sure to keep the topics neutral, and pay attention when the girl speaks. It’s also recommended that you repeat some points she says later in the conversation. This way, she’ll know you’re a good listener.
Refrain from trying so hard to find things in common, unless there are actually things you both like. If you keep agreeing to everything she says, she’ll know this is not the case, and it may be an instant turn-off.
You must stick to your personality, show confidence, and remain interested in what she says without getting too eager.

Step 5: Request Her Recommendation or Guidance

This is another great ice-breaker that you can use early in a conversation with a girl. If you don’t want to go through the previous four steps, you could just start with this one.
For example, if you two work or go to school together, you may want to ask for her help. It could be for a certain project or assignment, homework tips, etc.
Another good idea is to request her recommendation on something in her field of expertise. For instance, if she’s an interior designer, you could ask for her opinion on the best coffee table to buy for your living room.

Step 6: Use a Pick-Up Line

This may not work every time, but some girls will like a cheesy pick-up line. If she smiles or laughs despite the silliness of what you said, it’s good news!
Of course, the content of that pick-up line, your body language, and the delivery must be perfect. Keep your posture relaxed, use a respectful yet funny pick-up line, and smile slightly.
When deciding on the content of your pick-up line, you should use one that’s suitable for the current mood and setting. In general, it’s always best to keep things light, especially if it’s your first time talking to this girl.

Step 7: Ask About Her Day

It could be as simple as that. Just say, “How was your day?”
If she replies with a one-word answer, you could politely ask her what she did today. Keep your tone genuine and gentle. If she shares how her day went and asks about yours, it can be a good sign.


Knowing how to start a conversation with a girl may seem tricky for some, especially if you like her so much. Luckily, after following the steps we’ve mentioned, you could get to know her better and leave a great impression.
No matter what you do, remember to stay polite, confident, and relaxed. Always pay attention to her responses and body language and act upon what you see.