How to Start a Car Collection

The smell of the leather of your grandpa's old car on a sunny day or smoking tires while turning corners are the moments that live in a gearhead's mind.
So, if you've ever wondered how to start a car collection, this is an inside look that will help and guide you through the process and what opportunities and challenges may present themselves.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Car Collection

Before starting your car collection, there are two main points to be mindful of.


Before starting a car collection, you need to know whether you want to do it as an investment or as a hobby for the process to be fun and profitable, and knowing your goal, does just that.
Vehicles gradually depreciate over time through these factors:
  • Miles the car has racked up
  • Gas prices
  • Newer models
  • Condition
  • Events
So if you're trying to invest in cars, choose carefully ones that will hold their value, instead of low resale models. Classic cars are considered a long-time investment for those who collect cars and would probably have a much greater price/value later on.
However, if you’re just into cars, you’ll probably catch yourself wanting to collect cars, which, around 40 or 60 years, no one would care about except for a true car lover like you.
You wouldn't care much about its resale value since you'll be exploding with excitement and joy for actually owning a car you have dreamed of driving.

Know Your Objective

Knowing what type of automobiles you want to collect is the first step to consider when starting your awesome collection, as it can save you lots of money and effort and will probably help you avoid losses that you might face along the way.
While making this decision, please do keep these things in mind:
  • Will repairing it be easy?
  • Are there any mechanics in your area who are capable of repairing it?
  • What about spare parts? Can you find them easily?
Asking these questions will help you figure out if you'll be able to afford this car in the long run or not.
Altogether, if you want to do this out of love for cars, collect the ones you like, and enjoy yourself and the process. And don't get discouraged or sad when you make mistakes (because it's normal and okay). Instead, learn, move on, and have fun collecting your dream cars.
How to Start a Car Collection?
To avoid being swayed by sellers and start a successful collection, you need to take these steps before purchasing.

Know When and How to Spend Your Budget

Being aware of your budget limits and how to spend is critical in making the most out of it; in terms of real value in the form of the cars you want to collect.
Understanding the market surrounding automobiles you want to buy is a much-needed step; whether you have money to spare or not, you'll want to be on the winning side of the sale.
It's essential to be aware of other factors besides the price of buying a car. For example, things like insurance and maintenance are a big part of the cost of owning a vehicle, along with considering the resale value.
If you are not keeping all of these areas within your budget, you might not be able to keep the car in your collection.

Do Your Research

Doing your research right will save you time and money. With proper research behind your decisions, you'll avoid buying a car solely for being nostalgic or letting your emotions completely control your purchase.
It also keeps you updated on deals and better opportunities of value for money, enabling you to stretch your budget on collecting more cars and avoiding overspending on one car.
Look for clubs to join. You will most likely find a club for any car (especially for those who are famous with car collectors) as a website or page/ group on social media. And you will most definitely find way too many clubs for car lovers.
The point of these clubs is to make friends who share the same interests as you. Nevertheless, it’s mainly to research and engage with people who have been in your shoes before, used to own the same car, or have a lot of knowledge for being in this field for so long.

How to Maintain Your Car Collection

The maintenance part is crucial and is what tells the true car collector, apart from someone who no more than buys and stacks metal. But, unfortunately, there can be too many things to keep in mind and regard at this stage, which occasionally overlooks some of them.
So, here are some of the basics to care for any car


Getting insurance for every car in your collection may seem like spending too much; however, it is not.
This financial security can cover getting involved in an accident or any unexpected damage your automobile might experience.
Don't be overwhelmed by the number of insurance companies you might encounter.
Set a budget, do your research, and you'll be fine.

Garage or Somewhere Safe to Keep Your Collection

Keeping/parking cars outside isn't something anyone wants to do, which could result in numerous accidents (e.g., old cars sometimes leak). So, to save your masterpieces from any avoidable accidents, get a garage or a storage unit to keep them safe and sound.

Change the Oil

Depending on your car, engine, and the type of oil, do your research, and don't forget to change the oil during the preferred period.
Oil changes assist in decreasing and removing any extra gunk that might accumulate in your engine as a result of use.

Clean the Car

Wash your cars frequently from both the inside and the outside, and wax it if required (handwashing is preferable for classic cars).

Change the Tires

Old tires might burst while driving. Therefore, according to the NHTSA, it is advisable to change them every six years.

Save Any Car-Related Documents

Whether it's a manual or a receipt of whatever has been performed on the car, one day, you might regret throwing that paper.


If you want to know how to start a car collection, you also need to understand that it's a pretty expensive hobby, but it will surely pay off after a while; you can start with cheap vehicles first, then build your way up gradually as you go.
Research, try out different things, set your goals, and enjoy this journey because it's just you and your dream cars at the end of the day.