How to Use Apple Pay: Your Complete Guide

Imagine the freedom of not having to carry around all your cards and cash everywhere you go. Apple Pay was designed to carry all your payment cards in a simple app on your Apple device.
It’s a safe, secure, and more efficient way to execute your payments, and it’s all on your phone and can be done with a tap of your finger.
Apple Pay is accepted by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of stores and websites around the world. Additionally, Apple Pay is now available in many countries, and Apple is planning to make it available in more countries in the future.
The instructions on how to use Apple Pay are simple, and once you've set up your wallet, you’ll be good to go.
In this article, we’ll be answering all your questions about Apple Pay. We’ll help you set up your wallet, and understand how to use Apple Pay.

What Do You Need for an Apple Pay Account?

Apple Pay was designed to make your life less complicated. That said, there are no special requirements. Just a compatible Apple device like an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook, or even an Apple Watch, in addition to your card that you’ll be linking to the Apple Pay account. That’s it.

What Devices Are Compatible With Apple Pay?

All of Apple’s new devices are supported, but don’t worry if you have an old device; most of the older models are also supported.
Check the list below to see if your device is supported:
  • Apple iPhone 6 and its successors
  • iPad Air 2 and its successors
  • iPad mini 3 and its successors
  • MacBooks with TouchID
  • Apple Watch 1 and its successors
Make sure your Apple device is updated to the latest firmware available.
Unfortunately, Android devices aren’t supported. Apple Pay is exclusive to Apple devices only. However, you can download its Android analog, Google Pay, which does the same job.

How to Setup Your Apple Pay Account?

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed in with your Apple ID. If you’re not, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap ‘Sign in to your iPhone’
  3. Enter your ID and password
Then, you’ll set up your wallet as follows:
  1. Go to your Wallet app
  2. Tap the Add (+) button
  3. Tap ‘Credit or debit card’
  4. Tap ‘Continue’
  5. Use the camera to scan your card info, or you can choose to enter the info manually
  6. Enter the 3 security digits on the back of your card, and the expiration date, then tap ‘Next’
  7. Verify with your bank or card issuer, then tap ‘Next’
  8. Read and agree to ‘Terms and Conditions’
You can add up to eight cards to your Apple Pay account, and you can choose one of them to be your default card.
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search for ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’
  3. Scroll to ‘Transaction default’
  4. Tap ‘Default Card’ and pick the card you want

What Can I Use Apple Pay For?

Aside from checking out easily at any store, you can use Apple Pay to save time while checking out online, on your Safari browser, or within apps on your phone.
You can pay for transit in certain countries and cities. You can even add your student ID to your Apple Pay account.
Through Apple Cash's feature, you can send, receive, or request money from people through the messages app on your phone.
The money you receive is automatically loaded into Apple Card in your Wallet app. You can then transfer that money to your bank account. The money you send is processed from either your Apple card or your debit card.
To start using Apple Cash, you need to activate it by following these steps.
  1. Go to your settings menu
  2. Scroll down, and tap Wallet & Apple Pay
  3. Turn on Apple Cash
Unfortunately, this option is currently available only in the US.

How to Know If an Outlet Accepts Apple Pay?

Places that accept Apple Pay are everywhere around the world. To find out if a place supports it, look for the Contactless Payment symbol or Apple Pay logo.
You can also check if a certain location supports Apple Pay by doing the following:
  1. Open iOS maps on your device
  2. Search for the place you want to check
  3. Tap on the place and scroll down
  4. Look for the Apple Pay logo; it will tell you if this place supports it.

How to Use Apple Pay to Check Out in a Store?

The process is fairly easy and incredibly fast. You don’t even need to open the wallet app on your phone; it will be opened automatically.
It depends on what type of verification you use on your device. If you’re using an iPhone with FaceID, double-press the side button and verify with your face, or enter your passcode.
However, if you’re using an iPhone without FaceID, you can use TouchID, by double-tapping your home button, or your passcode to verify the transaction.
For Apple Watch, all you need to do is double press the side button next to the digital crown.
Once your Apple device is ready, it will say ‘Hold Near Reader.’ This is when you hold your Apple device near the checkout system with NFC. A small vibration means that the transaction is done.

How to Use Apple Pay When Shopping Online?

Apple Pay can also be used in online shopping and in-app purchasing. Instead of filling out your card details every time you check out, Apple Pay will save you the hassle.
  1. Add the items to your online cart
  2. Proceed to check out as you normally do
  3. Choose Apple Pay as a method of payment
  4. Verify your payment with TouchID or FaceID

Is Apple Pay Safe?

You can rest assured that your money is safe with Apple Pay. It doesn't store your card number, expiration date, or CVV, and it doesn't share them with the merchant while checking out.
Instead, it creates an encrypted one-time code for each transaction. It can't be intercepted or decoded during the process.
Making a purchase with Apple Pay is even safer than using your card. As the cashier won’t have a hold of your card, the card information won’t be exposed.
Additionally, to execute any transaction, you’re required to verify your identity through FaceID, fingerprint, or passcode.

What Happens If I Lose My Phone?

We understand that it’s a nightmare to lose your phone. You can use Apple’s Find My iPhone to locate your device, and until you hopefully find it, you won't have to worry about someone using your Apple Pay.
No one will be able to carry out any transactions with your Apple Pay as it requires verification with TouchID, FaceID, or passcode. So, unless someone knows your passcode, your money is completely safe.


Using Apple Pay to make a purchase is faster, safer, and easier than using a chip-based card. Apple Pay is available everywhere you go. You can also use it for in-app purchases and on many different websites.
It’s completely secure, so even if you lose your phone, no one will be able to use your Apple Pay as it requires your verification for any transaction.
Hopefully, with the aid of the information shared in this post, you’ll now be able to use Apple Pay seamlessly without any problems.