Jobs That Travel: 9 You Need To Know

Some people find the repetitiveness of their daily work schedule quite comforting, but others have a big problem with it.
If you're one of those people who hates the feeling of being stuck at a work desk all day and every day. Even going through the same street to work every day becomes mind-numbing.
If travel is your passion, and you take every chance you get to visit new places, this article is for you.
Imagine getting paid to travel. Many jobs will take you around the world; we have made you a list of some jobs that travel.

1. Event Planner

Event planning involves managing all aspects of certain events such as ceremonies, weddings, festivals, conferences, or conventions.
Job responsibilities include budgeting, selecting locations, booking different vendors, as well as planning food, timeline, the theme of the event, and many more details.
To execute these responsibilities, you’ll need to travel to many places, and you might get a glimpse at some historical venues and stunning locations.
With an estimated salary of $51,560 / year and getting to travel for each event, this could be the dream job for travel lovers.
What you need to become an event planner:
  • Have creative mindset
  • Be business-savvy
  • Be a good problem-solver

2. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants make sure all the passengers are comfortable and safe during the trip. Their job starts even before the flight takes off by carrying out security checks on the plane.
During the flight, they create a positive atmosphere; they offer food and beverages. They also demonstrate in-flight safety and emergency procedures like putting on an oxygen mask and how to buckle a seatbelt.
Upon arriving at the flight destination, flight attendants get the chance to tour around the country until their next flight.
They also get a free hotel stay, all that while earning an estimated salary of $79,472 / year.
What you need to become a flight attendant:
  • Meet height/weight requirements
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have hospitality and compliance skills

3. Tour Guide

Working as a tour guide will let you visit attractions every day for a living. It’s even better if you pick a place that you already love.
You get to learn about history, art, and different cultures. Then get paid an estimated salary of $33,044 / year to share your knowledge with tourists.
You’ll be accompanying groups of visitors; you’ll be responsible for their safety and making sure they remain in the group.
What you need to become a tour guide:
  • Have people skills
  • Be an entertaining storyteller
  • Have up-to-date knowledge about the locations
  • History knowledge

4. Au Pair

Some families in foreign countries offer young adults room and board and a monthly allowance in exchange for taking care of their children and doing housework.
The job involves looking after the children, helping them with their homework and school projects, and sometimes teaching them your language.
An au pair is different from a nanny, as an au pair is considered a temporary family member. You basically live with the family, during and after working hours, and you receive an estimated allowance of $25,955 / year as pocket money.
What you need to become an au pair:
  • Being good with kids
  • Have teaching skills

5. Travel Blogger

Imagine traveling anywhere you want, documenting it, and sharing your experience on your blog; people will read about your adventure or watch your videos and you will earn money from every click.
The only downside is that it takes time to build an audience, but if your content is good, traffic will rise eventually, and monetization will pay off. It can be your full-time job, as the estimated earnings are around $63,173 / year.
If you become successful enough, hotels might offer you a free stay and even pay you in exchange for promoting them.
What you need to become a travel blogger:
  • Own a laptop
  • Content writing skills
  • Social media and marketing skills
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)

6. English Teacher

As simple as it sounds, many countries constantly need English teachers, especially in Japan, China, and Korea. So, if you’re interested in traveling to a different country, chances are they’ll probably have open positions.
An English as a second language (ESL) certificate such as TESOL or TEFL is recommended.
Your estimated salary will be around $46,412 / year, but some people also work as private English tutors in the same country for some extra cash.
What you need to become an English teacher
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be able to explain basic concepts to others

7. Photographer

If you have a camera and an artistic eye, you can tour the world, capturing almost anything, from historical monuments to wildlife.
Plenty of photographers gained international fame through photography series depicting different cultures and unique events worldwide. You can earn an estimated salary of $45,581 / year.
This, however, isn’t the easiest job since you would need to be a highly creative person. Moreover, plenty of countries have restrictions regarding professional photography.
What you need to become a photographer:
  • Understand how cameras work
  • Have an artistic eye
  • Create a photography portfolio

8. Truck Driver

If you enjoy road trips and being on the road all the time, this job might be for you. You’ll be hauling freight for weeks at a time.
It’s not an easy job as you may drive through some dangerous roads and bad weather. But it all pays off when you visit places you’ve never been before while making an estimated salary of $63,888 / year.
Trucks are equipped with a bed and all means of comfort, so you won’t even need a hotel room. There are much truck stops along the road that offers a fancy bathroom with a shower just for truckers.
What you need to become a truck driver:
  • Get a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
  • Be able to focus for long periods of times
  • Have in-depth knowledge of traffic laws

9. Entertainer

You don’t need to be an international pop star to tour the world. If you have talent, you can show it off and get paid an estimated salary of $63,385 / year.
A talent you may consider common or insignificant might be exceptional in another country. This would allow you to find entertainment jobs in local tourist areas.
What you need to become an entertainer:
  • Be outgoing
  • Have a charismatic personality
  • Overcome stage fear


If you love traveling, you don’t have to stick to your desk anymore. You can look for one of the jobs that travel, it will take you to new places. You won’t have to work in a boring office anymore.
There are a lot of options, so you will find a job that suits you, and then you can start your adventures.