Pantry Organization Ideas: Ways To Make The Best Out of Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry is like setting up a long-term plan for your kitchen. And with the right plan, your kitchen can be productive, easy to maintain and clutter-free.
With that in mind, here is a list of organization tips that help you reach an almost stress-free and productive kitchen.

Pantry Organization Ideas and Tips

Take Everything Out

Start by taking everything out, this will help you sort things into categories and clean them up thoroughly. How about that for a fresh new start.

Turn Shelves Into Drawers

Imagine how frustrating it would be having to reach into the far corner for that special sauce. Turning your shelf into a Pull-out Drawer will save so much time and effort in finding desired items.

Use Drawer Dividers

Now that you've turned your shelves into drawers, adding separators will give you that extra pantry organization. No more piled-up cutlery, and it will give everything a place to stay.

Label Everything

A label on your jars and containers will help you identify everything with just a glance. And if you have a big family no one will have to ask questions as it’s very clear where things are.

Hang a Pegboard

Hanging pots and pans instead of piling them up inside your pantry will save you precious pantry space for other items. Pegboard will keep pans well displayed and easy to use.

Hang Hooks

Hooks are a great solution for hanging towels, mitts, and aprons. Instead of placing them in a dedicated basket, hooks will save time and energy. It will hook you up with mits anytime you want.

Add Shelves to Cupboard Doors

Adding shelves to cupboard doors is a great way to make more use of that small space inside the cupboard. It’s great for storing spices, slim jars, or pot lids.

Pot Lid Organizer

Storing pots is easy, it's always the lid that gets in the way. A lid organizer will store your lids safely and efficiently, keeping them easily accessible when needed. To do that you need a free wall or a cupboard door.

Use Transparent Storage Jars

You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram. Clear jars not only look neat, but they will help get rid of all the irregular-shaped packets and bags.
Just empty up dry foods in these jars and they can be stacked or sit side-by-side, instead of just having a rice bag sitting on your shelf.

Keep Seasonal Items Up High

Straws, baking utensils, blenders, and waffle makers, what’s the point of taking countertop space with things you rarely use. They can go up high in your pantry.

Use Shelf Risers

We’re all guilty of stacking things on top of each other on that one poor shelf, and it always ends up with a big frustrating pile. Use shelf risers to create that additional shelf wherever you want.

Keep It Sealed

Air-tight sealed containers will ensure your baking ingredients are properly stored. If you want to go extra fancy you can get some clear stackable air-tight containers

Tension Rod Storage

Remember that long rod we use to hang bathroom curtains? placing one or two under your kitchen sink will get rid of the mess from all the cleaning supplies. You can use it to hang your sprayers, cleaning gloves, and towels.

Use Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are owned by many but ignored by most. You’d be surprised how handy a lazy Suzan is when you want to reach that obstructed far item.

Use Storage Bins

If you’d like to have some organization and sorting all in one, use storage bins. You could even name each bin according to what’s inside.

Use Wire Baskets

Much like storage bins, wire baskets offer an additional advantage. They let you see through the meshwork so you won’t need to take out all the baskets to look for what you need.

External Pantry Units

Running out of space? Why don’t you use some external pantry units? You could either purchase them ready-made or have them custom-made for you.

Use a Library Ladder

Have too much vertical space? A library ladder can save you a lot of hassle. No more getting on the kitchen countertops to reach those high items.

Use a Step Ladder

Don’t have space for a library ladder? You can still reach the high storage space with a foldable step ladder. And when finished just lean it on a wall or hang it on a hook, it’s not that heavy

Avoid Round Containers

We don’t mean jars, we mean large round containers. They are aesthetically pleasing, we agree. But they waste a lot of space with those curves.

Keep a Wall for Your Books

If you have some spare space on your pantry walls, why not use it as a shelf for your favorite cookbooks? It’s always nice to have dedicated places for everything.

Invest in a Coffee Organizer

Coffee, sugar and tea, they belong together. A coffee organizer will keep them organized, keep your countertop clean and will give you a little coffee station. That’s a great investment.

Organize Spices

Organizing all your spices in one place with labels on each jar will help you keep track of when to refill and avoid doubling up jars for the same spice.

Contain Cutting Boards

Cutting boards tend to take up a lot of cabinet space and they tumble up most of the time, a wire rack will keep them neatly contained.

Adhesive Hooks in Cabinets

Adhesive hooks are very small, but they can save a lot of space by hanging all your ladles and spoons inside cabinets.

Stemware Holders

Don't waste space storing up wine glasses or stemware, instead, try hanging them from the underside and keep the cabinet space for other items.

Use Under Shelf Wire Rack

Adding a wire rack beneath your shelf will give you extra see-through storage, and will make good use of the empty space below your shelves.

Hang Knives on Magnetic Strips

Instead of using a bulky knife holder, magnetic strips will save space and help you choose your desired knife easily, it’s well displayed.

Add an Island

Extra counter space, more drawers. A kitchen island is your go-to if your kitchen lacks cabinet space. you’ll be surprised by how much it can hold.

Categorize Items by Zones

Labeling your baking items “bakery” will divide your kitchen into zones. Do that to everything and it should give you a little map of where things go.


Implementing those ideas properly can help you reach an almost stress-free and efficient kitchen. This is your boiler room, where all your recipes become real. Keeping it less stressful will surely improve your kitchen productivity.