22 Unique Girl Names That Start With J

22 Unique Girl Names That Start With J

Picking a name for your baby girl can be challenging, especially if you want one that stands out, but still sounds beautiful. If you’re looking for a name that fits that description, why not pick names that start with the letter J?
You probably already know some of the more popular ones, like Jennifer and Juliet. Then, there are those that have a sort of distinct air about them, like Juniper.
Do you want to find out more girl names that start with J? Then, let’s get started!
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The name Jacqueline is originally French. It means “supplanter.” Nowadays, this name is extremely unique. Though, it might’ve been a popular baby name during the 60s due to the popularity of Jacqueline Kennedy.
Nicknames for Jacqueline include Jackie, Jay, or even Lina.


Jade is a precious gemstone that’s popular in Asia. The word itself is synonymous with the color green, and even though it’s gender-neutral, Jade is more commonly used as a girl's name.
Other variations of this name include Jayde, Jaid, and Jada.


Jamila is an eccentric, yet beautiful, name. In fact, Jamila in Arabic literally means “beautiful girl.”
The name Jamila might be too lengthy for some. Yet, you can easily fix that by using any of its many cute nicknames, which include Mila, Milly, Jam, and Jammy.


Janice is of Hebrew origin. It translates to “a gift from God,” which adds more beauty and reverence to the name.
Some nicknames for Janice include Jane, Nessa, Nissy, and Janey.


The name Janna can have multiple meanings. The most common meaning is “gracious God” in Hebrew. Another translation is “Heaven” in Arabic.
So, whichever way you take it to mean, it’s still very much a beautiful and distinctive girl’s name.


This name is as delicate as names get. Not only is the name Jasmine related to a Disney princess, but it’s also the name of the fragrant Jasmine flower.
. Additionally, you can make it even more distinct by changing the spelling. Some spelling variations include Jessamine, Jazmin, Jasmynn, Jaysmin, or Jazmyn.


The name Jaya is as alluring as it is special. This name has Indian origins and translates to the “victorious one.”
Jaya is also another name for the Hindu goddess, Durga, who is the goddess of victory and war.


Julianne is quite versatile because it’s made up of two equally beautiful names: Julie and Anne. When combined, the name in Latin means “youthful girl.”
Another reason this name is so great is that, when she grows up, your girl can choose her own nicknames, such as Julie, Annie, Jules, Julia, Lianna, and more!


Undoubtedly, Josephine is one of the softest names. It’s the feminine form of Joseph, which means “Jehovah increases” in Hebrew.
As with long names, Josephine has a lot of nicknames like Jo, Josie, Joey, and Effy.


Juliet is a variation of Julianne. It also means “youthful girl.” Yet, this name deserves its own spot on the list as it’s synonymous with romance.


Jessica is a popular Hebrew name that translates to “God beholds.”
Like Juliette, this name is closely associated with Shakespeare. In fact, the famous playwright was the first to use this name in his play, The Merchant of Venice.


Though Jennifer is quite a common name for girls, it actually has one of the most beautiful meanings on our list. It’s the modern iteration of ‘Guinevere,’ which means fair, enchanting woman.
There are also several nicknames for Jennifer, including Jenny, Jennie, Jenna, Jenn, and Nina.


The name Jewel is quite special as it literally means ‘precious stone.’ You can also spell it differently as Jouel, which means ‘delight’ in French! Pretty cute, right?


Jolene translates to “pretty” in French, which makes quite a charming name for a girl. However, this name gained even more popularity through Dolly Parton’s hit song of the same name.


June isn’t only the sixth month of the year, but it can also be an unremarkable girl’s name. It’s a variation of the word jeune in French, which means ‘young.’
This name has many origins. Yet, the most common is its ties to the Roman gods and goddesses. In fact, June is another name for the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of love and marriage.


Though Joyce is a unisex name, it’s more common in girls. This name comes from the old French noun Josse, which means ‘lord.’


There’s no denying that Joelle is an incredibly feminine name. After all, it contains the French feminine suffix ‘-elle.’
The name’s Hebrew origin translates to “God is willing.”


Jordyn is a popular name for both boys and girls. However, the distinct spelling of Jordyn, or Jordynn, makes it more common as a girl’s name.
The name Jordyn is of Hebrew origin. It means down-flowing, usually in relation to bodies of water, such as rivers and creeks.


The name Juniper is reminiscent of nature and fresh blooms. This is the name of the extraordinary Juniper tree, but it also translates to evergreen.


Justice is quite a self-explanatory name. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t just as distinct and charming as the other names on our list.
This name isn’t as widely used as many of the others on this list. Yet, that can make it even more precious.


Judith, like many names on this list, is also Hebrew in origin. It means a woman who comes from the Judea region. It also translates to “she who’s praised.”
Though Judith might seem like an old-school name, there are many cute nicknames for it. For example, there’s Jude, Judie, or Judy, which makes it both unique and modern.


Jenesis is another special name. It means origin, or beginning, which makes it perfect for a newborn girl.
While the name Jenesis is charming on its own, it still has several great nicknames including Jenna, Jenny, Nessa, and Jessie.

To Conclude

There are many beautiful girl names that start with J. These names vary in origin as well as meaning. They can be either romantic, like Juliet and Jessica, or powerful, like Jaya and Justice.
So, at the end of the day, if you want to pick a one-of-a-kind name for your baby girl, you can’t go wrong with a name that starts with J.