Your Wedding Checklist: Have A Stress-Free Wedding Day

Planning your wedding can be a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from over-the-moon happiness to getting overwhelmed by the details. But, having a wedding checklist can solve all your problems. It’ll help you prepare for the big day by keeping everything organized and in order.

12 Months Before The Wedding

Step1: Work on Your Budget
Having a budget is always a nuisance, but estimating your wedding budget is crucial before planning your big day.
  • Calculate how much you and your fiance can spend comfortably—you don’t want finances to take a toll on you after your wedding.
  • Have a list of all potential contributors to your wedding. It can be your parents or a family member who’s eager to chip in.
  • Choose your non-negotiables and decide how much you’re willing to spend on them (that’ll accurately guide you on how much is left to spend and make it easy to adjust your expenses).
Step 2: Pick Your Date
Picking your wedding date can be challenging; you may opt for a date with a sentimental value or an easy-to-remember date, but there are other things to consider to help you settle on a date.
  • Try to choose a convenient time for your family and the people most important to you, such as holidays.
  • Choose a time of the year that aligns well with your honeymoon destination.
  • Also, you can select a date to snap up special offers that are available during particular times of the year.
Choose up to three dates. Even if your preferred date isn’t available, whatever date you go for will become memorable once you’re married.

9 Months Before The Wedding

Step 3: Decide on Your Wedding Theme
Deciding on your wedding theme will make wedding planning a lot easier. Narrow down your options by asking yourself some questions to help you envision your wedding theme, such as:
  • Do you want an outdoor wedding with a breathtaking view or an indoor wedding in a fancy ballroom or a hotel?
  • Do you plan on having a simple wedding with family members only, or do you want to have an over-the-top fairytale wedding?
  • What type of story or vibe do you want to portray at your wedding?
Step 4: Pick Your Guests
When planning your wedding, the only negative aspect is limiting your guests according to your budget.
  • Divide half the number of guests evenly between you and your partner.
  • Make a list of all the people you and your partner wish to invite.
  • Then, start narrowing the number of guests until eventually reaching the desired count.
  • Lastly, send an RSVP to all the people invited to the wedding so that you can finalize your guest list.
Step 5: Book Your Venue
After deciding on your wedding theme and the number of guests, going on venue hunting is more effortless. But, there’re a few things to check before you book your wedding venue; these include:
  • The seating capacity is sufficient to hold all your guests.
  • Your desired wedding date is available.
  • Can they host both the ceremony and reception?
  • Are their offered packages flexible?
Another option you can seek when choosing a venue is if they have an all-inclusive package, so you don’t have to worry about every detail; however, these venues are a bit pricey.

6 Months Before The Wedding

Step 6: Choose Your Wedding Colors
Weddings are always aesthetically pleasing. You want to pick a cohesive color palette that compliments your theme, and there are many ways to do that:
  • You should consider the wedding venue when picking your color scheme.
  • Forget about this season’s trends and pick what you prefer. If you lean toward modern monochromatic colors, a neutral palette would fit best, or if you lean toward a strange color palette, add a few bold splashes.
  • When in doubt, opt for colors that match a specific season’s mood, like white, silver, and ice blue for winter, or gold, red, golden, and brown for fall.
  • Avoid getting carried away. You don’t want to pick too many colors that overwhelm you; narrow your choices to three or four colors.
  • Get swatches of your prospective colors so you can choose and describe the hues accurately.
Picking wedding colors is crucial because they influence many wedding decisions like the cake, decor, the color of bridesmaids’ dresses, and flowers, so make sure to take your time and carefully choose your colors.
Step 7: Book a Caterer
Food is an influential element in your wedding, and you’ll need to offer a variety of choices like vegan and/or vegetarian options for your guests.
When working with a caterer, make sure that:
  • They serve quality food. Ask about the ingredients and do multiple tastings until you’re satisfied.
  • Tell them whether you want plated meals or a buffet serving.
  • Ask them if their catering services include wedding cake or if additional charges are made for ordering the cake. If they don’t offer bakery services, you’ll have to book a cake caterer.
Step 8: Book Your Photographer
A great place to start finding your photographer is from venue recommendations or previous weddings you’ve attended and liked the photographer’s work. Make sure that the photographer’s approach to your wedding suits your style.
Guide them on what you prefer: it can be intensive editing, the original capture as it is, capturing dynamic moments, or giving clear instructions before every photo.

3 Months Before The Wedding

Step 9: Complete The Final Wedding Details

  • Go on a dress and suit shopping and schedule fittings
  • Select the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Book your stylists and do a trial before the final look.
  • Choose the type of entertainment you want in your ceremony and reception.
  • Research any necessary permits or licenses you need for the ceremony.
  • Decide on the invitations’ final design.
  • Have a rehearsal dinner.
  • Arrange transportation and hotel rooms for guests coming outside of the town.


A wedding checklist ensures everything is organized and runs smoothly for your big day. Don’t overthink your wedding because no matter what the outcome is, It’s about celebrating your love, and you’ll end up cherishing every moment of your occasion.