What to Sell Online

An increasing number of soon-to-be entrepreneurs, just like yourself, have been actively trying to know what to sell online!
It's been discussed and rehashed in many conversations worldwide, especially since the breakout of COVID-19.
Since you're wondering, we're here to tell you all about what to sell online. We’ll also talk about how you can decide on the kind of market that best fits you and your product.

Common Online Markets

First, you need to know a bit about the type of online markets out there.

Reselling Products! (Dropshipping)

Think of a time when you were the customer. Normally, you'd visit a shop, choose the items you like, then pay the supplier or the owner.
A drop-shipper is the middleman that connects the supplier to the customer. In other words, dropshippers purchase discounted wholesale products in bulk from the supplier and list them online in their e-store.


  • Your supplier stores the products, so there’s no need to rent storage space
  • The supplier will even deliver your product to customers.
  • Customers aren’t told you’re a dropshipper which could increase your sales


  • You need a certain amount of money to spend on the initial bulk of products
  • You have to stick to smaller products to avoid extra shipping costs

Having Your Own Brand! (Private Label Online Stores)

Have you ever had an idea for a product you were thrilled about but got so caught up with excitement that you didn’t know what to do next?
Having a private label online store means having someone else manufacture your product while being able to manage everything remotely.
Whichever manufacturer you choose, you’ll just need to inform them of everything you’re expecting in the final product, like the product’s packaging, components, and specifications.


  • You don’t have to be responsible for the manufacturing process
  • You make more profit than dropshipping since you don’t have to buy final products from suppliers
  • The manufacturer also ships your product to customers


  • You’ll need to spend more money on promoting your product’s marketing and branding
  • Your sales could be affected by economic conditions


Who doesn't shop on Amazon nowadays? Nobody!
The fact that millions of customers prefer to shop with Amazon makes it the perfect platform for selling your products.
Amazon offers plenty of options on their seller accounts that make the whole process easy and accessible for all kinds of e-commerce business owners.


  • You’ll be making more sales due to the massive number of active customers
  • Amazon takes care of everything related to customers, like shipments, returns, complaints, etc.
  • There will be chances for your product to expand to other countries that use Amazon


  • Your competition will most likely be high
  • Amazon collects high fees for selling, so your profit might be less than other options

Profitable Products to Consider in Each Market

After deciding on which virtual market you’d like to go for, it’s time to choose a product to sell.
We’ve listed a few products that have been searched for the most on each market.

Products to Sell in a Dropshipping Online Store

Take a look at some of the fastest-selling products chosen by dropshippers!

Charging Cables

Cables used to charge phones and other electronic devices are notorious for how fast they get lost or stop working.
Picking charging cables as a product, especially iPhone charging cables and type C cables, might be an excellent start!

Smart Home Security Cameras

Grand View Research Inc. has forecasted that smart home security camera sales will continue to soar until 2027.
This is due to the increasing popularity of smart homes where security cameras are on top of the list for homeowners.

Air Fryers

Now that a lot of people around the world are trying to stay away from eating unhealthy food with high cholesterol, many have opted for air fryers.
They use less oil, are faster, and are more efficient. Thus, they encourage customers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Products to Sell in a Private Label Online Store

Branding a product can be a bit daunting, which is why you need to be smart about your target customers. Below are some products that have a huge pool of customers!

Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

The cosmetics market is booming more and more every day!
Products such as tea tree oil, charcoal toothpaste, and anti-aging face creams have been searched the most by consumers worldwide.

Fitness Equipment

This kind of market started to soar even before COVID-19. Then, when people had to stay home all the time and exercise from home, it took a sharp rise skyward.
According to recent research, this market is expected to expand by 11% between 2021 and 2027.

Reusable Water Bottles

People around the world are now coming to understand the disheartening effects of plastic on the environment.
Many consumers are actively trying to keep the environment safer by buying stylish, colorful, reusable water bottles.
It's also been forecasted that its market will expand by 4.2% between 2020 and 2027!

Products to Sell on Amazon

Check out some of the most purchased products by Amazon customers.


Believe it or not, you can sell the books you buy anywhere on Amazon for up to ten times their price!
If you can bulk-buy some at a lower price per book, you can make a lot of money selling books on Amazon. As a matter of fact, this is exactly how Amazon started its business!

Baby Products

Babies are known for their constant need for a wide range of products. So, it’s safe to say that their customers will last as long as humanity does!
On top of that, products sold for babies are usually light and easy for you to pick and handle. This makes them extremely easy to sell on Amazon.

Electronic Devices and Their Accessories

It's 2022, and everybody's been taking great care of their electronic devices. So, it’s wise to consider selling a wide range of devices and all their accessories.
Check out Amazon's best-selling items for electronic accessories and supplies.


What to sell online isn't just a choice that you make on a whim! It involves reading about the different virtual markets and knowing what products are trending.
Trends change by the hour, so make sure you’re constantly in the loop about upcoming trends. Now that you know what to sell online, it’s time to get your new business up and running.