How to Start a Personal Training Business

Exercising regularly is an excellent way to boost energy, improve sleep patterns, and generally put people in a good mood. But despite all the health benefits of working out and exercising, people might do it wrong and injure themselves.
This is where a personal trainer comes to the rescue. It’s an excellent way to help people, share your knowledge, and encourage them to reach their workout goals.
If you’re thinking about becoming one, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article, we’ll explain in detail how to start a personal training business and how to attract more customers.

How to Start a Personal Training Business?

There are currently more than 340,000 certified personal trainers working in the US, and in this competitive business, you need to stand out and offer something special to your potential clients.
Getting certified is just the beginning because, after that, you have to work on a sound plan to start your business and make it stand out. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start a professional personal training business.

Identify Your Target Market

The first step in starting your business is to identify your target customers. Your target demographic will determine the fitness program you create and the marketing message you send.
For example, if the population in your area and the target market is mainly made of adult professionals or stay-at-home parents who need to stay in shape, your message will be different from a training program that targets seniors.
Decide on whether you’re targeting teenagers, moms, professionals, or seniors to tweak your message to answer their questions and their problems.

Decide On the Business Type

Today personal trainers offer their services in multiple ways. You can train your clients at a private gym, where they pay per session. Although your clients won’t be paying for the gym, you’ll pay for using the facilities. This can be an excellent choice for a beginner personal trainer, as you’ll also get to meet more people who might be interested in the services you offer.
Some clients might not want to leave their homes, and in this case, you’ll train them at their homes or facilities. In this case, you need to think about the fitness equipment they have or what you need to bring along for a successful training session.
You might be able to accommodate clients at your home or garage. In this case, you’ll have to set it up and buy the gym equipment that they might need.
You can also offer online services, so you don’t have to meet your clients in person. This is a popular business model because you can interact with clients from any place in the world and offer your services wherever you are.

Get Some Exposure

As an entrepreneur, you need to find a way to get the clients to come to you. Since your name might still be unknown in the fitness market, you need to find a way to get some exposure.
If you regularly go to a gym or a fitness center, you might ask if you can hang some posters or give out brochures explaining the services you provide. You might also hang them in the local sportswear store.
Getting some online exposure is also essential. Think about starting your Instagram or Facebook page, even if you’re not going to offer online classes. This will be an excellent way to interact with your potential clients and answer all the questions they might have.
It’s crucial to discuss your marketing strategy with an expert. For example, ask if it’s OK to talk to the clients at your gym or if you should contact the management for a special arrangement. You might also have to consider email marketing, starting your blog, or creating a referral program that will help you attract more clients.

Do Some Legal Research

Be a professional and do some legal research before starting your business. Starting an LLC entity will be a good idea, so you can differentiate your personal assets from the assets and liabilities of the business.
You should also invest in liability insurance, regardless of where you’re planning to train your clients. This way, you can get covered in case a client gets accidentally injured.

Make The Right Investments

Depending on the program you’re offering, you should be investing in some equipment to guarantee the quality of your services. If you’re traveling to your clients, you might have to get a car. This way, you’ll be able to transfer any fitness equipment and arrive at your appointments on time.
If you’re training at your own home, you’ll have to buy different fitness equipment and set up the area to be suitable for your clients. You might also do some plumbing work in the garage where you’re training to have shower rooms and restrooms that your clients can use.
For online training, investing in a good camera setup, professional lights, and a microphone will be essential. You might also have to hire a video editor to edit your programs and make sure that your content is worth watching.

Set Your Price

Just because you’re new in the business doesn’t mean that you should charge a low price for your services. Instead, you need to figure out a way to set your prices, so they’re competitive but still allow you to enjoy profit while providing your clients with the best value for the money they paid.
Here are a few factors to consider.
  • Your location will determine the prices because trainers naturally charge higher in some areas.
  • Make sure that the price you set will be suitable for the community you’re targeting.
  • Consider the costs you have to endure to provide your services, like a gym fee, electricity bill at your place, or traveling to the client’s location.
  • Offer bundles or packages to make your training programs more appealing.


Your personal training business will be in demand if you do the right research. While success takes time and effort, it’s guaranteed if you take the time to set your goals and work patiently towards achieving them.