Career Coaching Guide

Choosing a career path in today’s fast-paced world is toilsome. This is why many people turn to career coaches to help them wrestle with the rising unemployment rates and evolving markets to finally land their dream job.
If you’re taking your first steps into the employment world, clawing your way back up from a career slump, or considering a career shift, we present you with our career coaching guide.
Throughout our guide, we’ll introduce who a career coach is, how they can help you, and what you can expect from a career coaching session.

Who Is a Career Coach?

A career coach is a person who specializes in helping people with building and advancing their careers. They usually have a background in human resources and frequently help employers with the resume evaluation and interviewing process.
This means that a career coach would be able to provide you with the insider information you need to hack the employment process with a stellar resume and a long-lasting impression in the interview.
A career coach with additional background in your chosen field of work will also be able to advise you on ways to improve your chances of securing the job. They would be able to point out potential opportunities that you might’ve overlooked.

How Is a Career Coach Different From a Mentor?

A mentor is usually a friend or a professional parental figure. They usually draw their professional advice from personal experiences.
However, when building a career, there's no fool-proof success strategy. What worked for them won't necessarily work for you.
Therefore you need someone who would be able to guide you more professionally. That’s a career coach; you can think of him as a professional mentor.

How Is a Career Coach Different From a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional with a background in counseling and psychology. They work with their clients on building healthy habits, working through conflicts, and building a healthier, happier life.
While they can guide you through harmful career-related mindsets, they usually won’t have the necessary experience to take you further along the employment road.

How Can a Career Coach Help You?

A career coach can walk you through all career-related obstacles. While it is useful to constantly be in contact with a career coach, many people reach out for help when they’re faced with especially tough obstacles. Here are a few examples of where a career coach can help you.

Landing Your Dream Job

If you’re at the beginning of your career, having a career coach by your side would help you start your job hunt right.
First, your career coach would help you identify your skills and goals. They’ll then walk you through all the career options for you out there. A neat career goal list with a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses would help you pick the right career path.
Once you’re set on your chosen work field, your coach will help you build a stellar resume. They’ll help you format your CV to highlight the skills and experiences relevant to your chosen job.
Finally, a career coach would be able to help you prepare for job interviews to ensure you leave a long-lasting good impression and get that much-awaited acceptance call.

Progressing Your Career

After a few years at your job, you might reach a plateau. It's common to have people clueless about the next step in their careers.
Reaching out to a career coach can help you reassess your goals and direct you to routes that you can take to advance your career.
A career coach can also help you analyze and learn from career setbacks. They’d provide you with the necessary support while holding you accountable for your decisions and success in your career.

Shifting Careers

People frequently think about trying their hand at a new interesting field of work owing to the wide variety of jobs out there.
Nowadays, you don’t need to go through years of traditional education and loads of degrees to get a job.
A career coach can help you identify hidden talents that are valuable in today’s workplace. Highlighting these skills and hobbies would help you make money doing the thing that you enjoy.

Working From Home

In our post-COVID time, working from home is soon becoming the norm.
Whether your company has switched to remote working, or you’re looking for a side-hustle to increase your income, a career coach can help you build the necessary habits and technological knowledge to make the best of a remote job.

How Can You Get the Best of the Career Coaching Experience?

While you’ll have your coach for guidance, you’ll still be doing most of the work to succeed professionally. A good attitude and plenty of motivation would ensure that you get the best of the career coaching experience.

Set Clear Intentions

Starting from your first meeting with your coach, you should be honest about your skills and plans.
Once you’ve reached a career path with your career coach, set clear long and short-term goals and meticulously follow them.

Follow Instructions

Your career coach would frequently give you instructions. These instructions often involve you getting out of your comfort zone. Although daunting, occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone is a perfect way to grow both professionally and personally.
You should trust your coach and try your best to follow their instructions.

Give Regular Feedback

This is your profession we’re talking about, so while your coach’s instructions are valuable, your own feedback is equally important.
Providing your coach with regular feedback would help him follow your progress and adjust his strategies to better fit you.


Having a professional career coach walk you through today’s employment world would help you set clear, attainable goals for your dream job.
Just remember that an employee-coach relationship is a two-way road. You’ll have to work hard to follow instructions and frequently offer feedback to get the best out of the career coaching experience and eventually break that glass ceiling.